Honeylove Shapewear Review

What is Honeylove Shapewear?

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Honeylove is a clothing brand specialising in innovative sculptwear, which includes briefs, thongs, capris and shorts that deliver superior shaping, posture support and all-day comfort.

Betsie Larkin founded Honeylove in 2016 to encourage women of all shapes and sizes through high-quality clothing and shapewear that can be worn with pride. They offer women’s shapewear and have lots of varieties of comfortable underwear, camis and bras which can make you feel confident and comfortable.

Honeylove has attracted a lot of eyes through their innovative targeted compression sculptwear and got featured in magazines like The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Good Morning America, Elle and Brides. They currently have more than 71K followers on Facebook and over 112K followers on Instagram, which shows how popular they are.

Through this Honeylove shapewear review, we will help you make a wise decision about whether to purchase this honeylove shapewear or not.

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Overview of Honeylove Shapewear

Honey Love Reviews

Betsie Larkin, who was travelling the world as a singer-songwriter, had tried so many shapewear to feel confident on the stage but end-up finding every product to be rolled down, with no structure and squeezed in the wrong places.

Betsie was looking for shapewear that could be bold and compelling, not apologetic and flimsy, and make her feel confident on the stage. After spending so much time searching for a perfect pair, she decided to create her own and started Honeylove. Since then, they have made over 200 prototypes to create the perfect piece she was looking for.

Honeylove believes in helping women in so many other ways apart from making them feel confident through their sculptwear. They also partnered with Dress for Success and have provided over $170,000 worth of their products to the women in need.

Their belief in equality for all doesn’t stop their kindness there. It inspires the brand to support under-represented entrepreneurs through their Kickstarter Bootcamp and donate to the organization working for equal opportunities for all.

The Honeylove shapewear is manufactured in China at “a gold-certified responsible (WRAP) factory”, and the company operates from their headquarters in San Francisco, California.

The next section of this Honeylove shapewear review will get you through the range of products they offer. Honeylove offers goods from shorts, tops, bras, and briefs, so let’s look at them.

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Honeylove Sculptwear Review

Talking about the sculptwear for which the Honeylove has got so much attention, Honeylove has designed each piece of sculptwear to ensure that they compress, shape and lift targeted areas, all along with staying in a place.

Quality is their uppermost priority, and that’s why they continually test each design. The Honeylove sculptwear comes in several varieties, i.e. capris, briefs, shorts, and thongs.

The Honeylove brand always aims to provide comfortable shapewear to their customers that work for them irrespective of their shapes and sizes. So let’s move further in this Honeylove shapewear review and check what they have for you.

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Honeylove Queen Brief Review

Honeylove Queen Brief Review
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If you’re looking for shapewear that can make you feel like a queen, then the Honeylove’s Queen Brief is the shapewear that you should opt for yourself. Queen Brief was designed to provide ultimate comfort and keep your posture in shape.

In brief, the SoftFlex structure supports your posture and keeps everything in place. The queen brief has the sweat-wicking ability to keep it dry throughout the day and provide unstoppable comfort.

The hourglass design, in brief, smoothens your stomach and gives a toned finish to your curves, along with preventing visible panty lines. With this queen brief, your booty will get uplifted and perfectly shaped. It’s available in three different colours, i.e. white, black and tan.

Honeylove SuperPower Short Review

Honeylove SuperPower Short Review
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They call it SuperPower Short because it provides the same comfort and support as the brief does and supports your thighs.

Using panels puts targeted compression on your stomach to shape where you want and release compression where you don’t want. It also tones your legs with the help of BoostBands, which uplifts your booty and gives a sculpted effect to your upper back legs.

The SuperPower Short has extra space at the waistband and thighs to prevent unwanted bulges and give a seamless look to you. Also, this shapewear is bathroom-friendly, so if you’re worried about it, let me tell you that it features a slit in the sculptwear that will help ladies.

Also, it’s pocket friendly and available in 5 different colours.

Honeylove SuperPower Thong Review

Honeylove SuperPower Thong Review
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This SuperPower Thong comes with compression technology that shapes your stomach and waist and keeps style and comfort at higher priority. You will find it compatible when wearing shorts or short dresses.

The best thing about this SuperPower Thong is that it doesn’t show any unwanted panty lines and can easily be worn with shorts or leggings. It comes in 5 different colour options and is currently priced at $79.

Honeylove SuperPower Brief Review

Honeylove SuperPower Brief Review
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The SuperPower Brief is one of the most popular products of Honeylove that was designed to provide ultimate comfort and support along with targeted compression at your stomach and waist to give perfect shaping.

The SoftFlex structure supports your spine while being flexible enough to move throughout your busy day. Currently, it’s priced at $84 and comes in 6 different colour options.

You might find it a bit pricier, but you should definitely consider it an investment, and it won’t let you down.

Honeylove Tanks+Bras Review

If you’re wondering whether the Honeylove’s collection has tanks and bras, you would be happy to know that they have a vast array of tanks, camis, and bras designed to provide extra comfort and support and shaping at your breasts and tummy.

This Honeylove shapewear review will look at all their best-performing products and will help you find whether you should consider buying them or not. So let’s look further at this collection.

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Honeylove LiftWear Tank Review

Honeylove LiftWear Tank Review
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Talking about the LiftWear Tank, it’s one of the most popular and loved products designed by Honeylove to provide you comfort and support in the places you need it.

It wouldn’t be like that super-tight shapewear which can be comfortable only for a few hours, and after that, you start feeling uncomfortable and suffocated. The Honeylove brand believes in the quality of its products and promises that the LiftWear Tank will be comfortable enough to wear every day.

Many women must be thinking about why this LiftWear Tank is so comfortable. Right? The LiftWear Tank doesn’t have wires and has dig free straps, due to which your chest will get support and will get lifted without making you uncomfortable.

It comes in two different variants, i.e. Wide straps and Adjustable straps and has nine other colour options. So definitely you’ll find the colour you love to wear.

Honeylove Silhouette Bra Review

Honeylove Silhouette Bra Review
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It’s another famous product of Honeylove that has grabbed the attention of lots of buyers just because it gives an adjustable and supported lift to your chest and gives a comfortable experience the whole day. The bra doesn’t use those uncomfortable wires and comes with piping made of velvet, keeping your breasts comfortable and perky all day.

The Silhouette Bra features an adjustable fit that will allow you to adjust the straps and hooks the way you feel comfortable. You can either lose or tighten the straps to get the proper support and comfort. Also, you can crisscross your straps, which will give an invisible appearance when wearing under tops.

The low neckline in the bra enables you to show your curves despite being comfortable and supported. The Silhouette Bra comes in 8 different colour options and has sizes ranging from XS to 3X and currently costs $64. So I guess it will be the perfect choice for you.

Honeylove V Neck Bra Review

Honeylove V Neck Bra Review
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The V Neck Bra designed by Honeylove was so comfortable that you forget to wear a bra. This bra will give you bonded support and comfort without having any painful wires.

It features wide adjustable straps which keep your chest in place. The flexible boning on either side helps your chest to point forward. This bra was made to be worn anywhere, no matter what you’re doing or where you are; it will make you feel supported and comfortable all day.

Want to give it a try? you will have ten different colour options, and it costs $64 at the moment.

Honeylove LiftWear Cami Review

Honeylove LiftWear Cami Review
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The Honeylove LiftWear Cami was designed to lift your breasts without uncomfortable wires and can also smoothen your stomach. This shapewear will keep you supported and comfortable, and snug around your waist throughout your day.

It also has adjustable straps that will get fitted invisibly in most of your clothes and give you ultimate comfort and relaxation. When you check out this product, you will find nine different colour options to choose from, and all of them look so beautiful that you will love wearing them most of the time.

Currently, it’s priced at $84 and can be available to you with just a few clicks. Also, if you’re a taller woman and want to get some additional length, Honeylove recommends you size up. So if the shapewear has got your attention, you should give it a try.

Honeylove Crossover Bra Review

Honeylove Crossover Bra Review
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Now let’s talk about one of the new products designed by Honeylove, which is getting so much appreciation from the users, i.e. The Crossover Bra. They have created this bra that makes you look strong, beautiful and sexy.

This crossover bra doesn’t have an underwire and comes with bonded support that feels exceptionally comfortable and gives a surprising lift. It also has adjustable straps that can be crisscrossed in the back and will provide an invisible appearance under any clothes.

The crossover bra comes in 4 different colour options and is currently priced at $69. So if you’re getting attracted to it, we recommend you give it a try.

Honeylove Shapewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Now the time has arrived when it becomes essential to know what real customers think about Honeylove, and I’m sure you must also be thinking that is Honeylove shapewear indeed good for you? To help you get out of this dilemma, we considered a lot of online reviews left by real users to get the exact answer to this question.

When we looked at BBB.org, we found that Honeylove has a 4.94 rating out of 5 based on 65 customer reviews and got an A+ rating from the BBB, running as an accredited company since 2019. Many customers were praising the quality of shapewear they bought from the company.

One woman felt so comfortable and soft in the bra bought from the Honeylove and expressed her views about the product quality:” Most comfortable bra I’ve worn in YEARS!!! Initially, I didn’t know what to think of the body material – not like the bras I’ve always worn, but it is very comfortable and soft. I forget I have it on during the day. No digging wires or rolling up. I will order another one!!! “.

Then another woman tried PowerShorts, Bodysuit, Cami and Thong, which gave her great support and comfort. She had a fantastic experience with Honeylove shapewear:” I have tried a lot of shapewear, and Honeylove tops them all! I have the Power Shorts, Bodysuit, Cami and Thong. All do such a great job of comfortably compressing and smoothing. I’m obsessed with the thong. It doesn’t ride up or roll down and gives the perfect hourglass. “

Although there was a complaint from a customer in the past three years who complained about the shipping process as she ordered two items and just received one, the issue has already been resolved. The company had delivered the product.

The brand’s website has many Honeylove shapewear reviews, and customers love it. People are finding this shapewear to be comfortable for them, fits perfectly and provides excellent lift, support and compression.

One woman became a fan of SuperPower Short for life after getting fantastic comfort and support in the shapewear:” This is genuinely the best shaper I’ve tried!! I swear it’s like it was built for my body. It’s the first one I’ve tried that feels like it’s made for my curves vs squeezing the heck out of me. I’m a fan for life! “

One woman expressed how her boyfriend found her slim than before:” My boyfriend asked me if I lost weight. I didn’t; I was wearing Honeylove.”

A woman felt so confident and comfortable on her wedding day when she wore SuperPower Brief; she added:” This is a must if you need to wear anything slim-fitting!! I used my honeylove on my wedding day, and it made me feel so confident and comfortable all day long! I still don’t understand how it works, but trust me, it’s magic, and it’s WORTH it!! “

While another customer felt sexy after wearing Honeylove Shapewear, which fits perfectly and has terrific quality:” I am in love! Perfect fit, and fantastic quality, and it makes me feel so sexy. It helps with my posture and perfectly supports and hugs my flabby lower belly. It doesn’t roll, which is a problem with other brands I’ve tried. This was my first Honeylove piece, and since then, I’ve ordered four more pieces. I am hooked! “

The brand has ratings of 4.3 out of 5 based on 87 reviews at Trustpilot, in which 67% of reviews rated the company as Excellent, whereas 33% of customers had left bad reviews. We heard a lot of good reviews about the Honeylove brand. Let’s look at the bad reviews as well.

Few customers complained about the shorts making a loud noise when moving:” If your thighs touch together, these shorts make a deafening chafing noise. I think it is because the material is mesh, so when your thighs rub together, it sounds like sandpaper!! Two stars because I liked the corset-like boning on the sides. It gave me an excellent shape. These got sent back, though, because I would not have been able to walk through a quiet room without having everyone hear!! “

A customer complained about the Honeylove LiftWear Tank that doesn’t stay in place and rides up while wearing:” The tank does not stay in place, it rides up while wearing. This created a crease along the back bra line. It has very light support, which is probably fine for people that are not overweight, but not for people who are looking for a firm fit. I liked the comfort of the bra straps. However, they did slip off my shoulders. “

Some customers were very disappointed with their shipping and customer service and wish not to order again:” Horrible service, I never received my item, and customer service has not responded to me. I will never order from here again. “

While scanning the internet, we found an insignificant number of negative reviews, and it’s essential to admit that many women were happy with the shapewear they bought from Honeylove. Many customers praised the quality, comfort, and support they got.

If you’re still in a dilemma, we would love to remind you that the brand offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy to be on the safer side.

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Is Honeylove Shapewear Worth It?

Honeylove Shapewear Review

Agree or deny, but we always have a question that comes to our mind before we decide to buy something, i.e. is Honeylove a legit company? Before writing this Honeylove review, we had spent several hours researching the brand and based on our research. We can say that, Yes, the Honeylove is a legitimate clothing brand.

Honeylove has got an A+ accredited rating from BBB, which is an achievement and has received hundreds of positive Honeylove reviews from their customers, which should help you make your decision.

They have also been featured in several popular magazines like The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Good Morning America, ELLE, Brides, etc., showing their positive credibility.

Honeylove was founded by women with a vision to empower women so that they can feel confident and look great without being uncomfortable. Honeylove has created countless prototypes to design the perfect shapewear that can give fantastic comfort, support and outstanding appearance at the same time.

Honeylove is passionate about representing all women irrespective of their shapes and sizes through their high-quality clothing that can be worn anywhere, anytime with pride. Although some of you might find their prices a bit higher than other brands, some customers also said that” Honeylove is worth every penny. “

After looking at all the possible aspects, this Honeylove shapewear review believes this is a legitimate clothing brand and worth spending your money on.

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Honeylove Shapewear Promo & Discount Code

Honeylove reviews

Looking to get some discounts while shopping at Honeylove? Currently, they are offering a 20% discount on your second item, i.e. buy one thing and take 20% off the rest of your order.

They also offer free shipping on orders above $75.

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Where to Buy Honeylove Shapewear?

Honeylove shapewear review

If you’re looking to buy shapewear, it can only be purchased through Honeylove’s website. Their products are exclusively available on their official website, and they don’t support the Amazon collection.

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How to Contact Honeylove Shapewear?

If you have any questions and want to contact Honeylove, then you can use the following mediums:

  • Live chat: available at Honeylove.com
  • Text: 1-855-568-3676
  • Telephone: 1-855-740-8229
  • Email: support@honeylove.com


Who is Honeylove owned by?

Honeylove Shapewear brand is owned by Betsie Larkin, a singer-songwriter who traveled the world. She had tried much shapewear on the stage, but all of them rolled down, gave no structure, and used to get squeezed in the wrong places.

Is Honeylove really good?

Honeylove Shapewear brand is good for women who want to experience comfort, look great, and feel confident that’ll help them achieve new goals in their lives. Honeylove Shapewear passionately represents women of all shapes and sizes and provides them with the clothing that can be worn anywhere with pride.

Many women looked slim and sexy after wearing the Honeylove Shapewear, which gives perfect fitting and outstanding built quality.

Is Honeylove an Honest Company?

Yes, Honeylove is a real and legit clothing retailer specializing in innovative Sculptwear. Honeylove Shapewear brand has featured in several magazines like The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Good Morning America, Elle, Brides, etc. Apart from it, they have over 112K followers on Instagram and 71K on Facebook, making them an honest and trusted clothing company.

What sizes does Honeylove have?

The Honeylove shapewear comes in sizes ranging from XS-3X, and they also have a size quiz that helps in anticipating your accurate size when placing your order.

Does Honeylove Shapewear roll down?

No, the Honeylove Shapewear doesn’t roll down. Betsie Larkin, the company founder, had tried so many shapewear and all of them ended up rolling down, and then she decided to start her own Shapewear company. This Honeylove Shapewear Review finds that many customers have reported no digging wires or rolling down, and it gives the perfect shape to make you look slim and sexy.

How do you put on Honeylove Sculptwear?

Honeylove Shapewear is easy to wear and doesn’t require much effort. Although the Honeylove brand provided proper instructions about wearing Honeylove Shapewear through short videos, you can watch them here.

What are the straps on Honeylove for?

Honeylove provides optional straps to help you get the perfect fit for your body. Although the Honeylove Shapewear won’t roll down without the straps, it can add extra height through the torso.

Where is Honeylove Shapewear Manufactured?

Although Honeylove is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States, its products are manufactured at a gold-certified responsible (WRAP) factory in China’s Guangdong province.

How long does Honeylove take to ship?

Honeylove takes 5-9 days to ship within the US, while they take 8-14 days for international shipping through Priority and Express shipping options. If you’re from the US, your shipping will be free, whereas the shipping cost for international orders can vary by location.

After getting your order placed, you will receive a tracking number that’ll help you track the status of your order.

What is the Honeylove Returns Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the product, Honeylove has 30 days of return policy within which you can place your return and get your refund or ask for an exchange. However, the garment should be unworn or in new condition and with the original packaging. They also offer free shipping on all returns shipped in the US.

How Do I Return Something to Honeylove?

Honeylove has 30 day of return policy within which you can return your order either for an exchange or a refund to your original form of payment. Honeylove offers free shipping on all returns to their US customers, while international customers will have to pay for return shipping.

For US customers, go to returns.honeylove.com, log in to your customer account, choose the items to return or exchange, and follow the further instructions.

International customers should contact their customer support by emailing support@honeylove.com, and the order number and the email address used while placing the order. Send the products to their return shipping address, and once their team confirms and accepts your return, they will process your refund or ship your exchange.

Below is the Return Shipping Address:

Honeylove Returns
ATTN: PB Fulfillment – Honeylove
11260 Cedar Ave
Bloomington, CA 92316

How Do I Get a Refund from Honeylove?

Once Honeylove accepts the returned order, they will refund your money to the original method of your payment used while placing the order.

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