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What is Lovesac?

Lovesac Reviews

Lovesac is a US-based furniture retailer brand specializing in patented modular furniture systems known as Sactionals or the World’s Most Comfortable Couch and The World’s Most Comfortable Seat, i.e. Sac or Lovesac Bean Bag. The Lovesac Sactionals are designed to provide you ultimate comfort, easy to customize, and will be the perfect furniture for your apartment.

As they are fully customizable, the Lovesac furniture pieces can be rearranged to fit easily in any space of your apartment. A beanbag like the Lovesac Sac is made to give much more than a bean bag and is filled with dura foam which makes it the most comfortable seat.

Shawn Nelson officially launched the Lovesac in 1998. However, it already started three years back in 1995 when Shawn Nelson built himself the original eight-foot-wide foam-filled “Lovesac” at his parents’ Utah home.

Over more than 20 years, the brand has gained so much popularity, taken over movie theatres with front-row Moviesacs and Sactionals Seats, and featured in several news magazines like Business of The Home, Forbes, Real Simple, CNBC, HubSpot, NY Times, MSN and many more.

Through this Lovesac review, we will take you to the company’s depth, their most popular products, customer feedback, their promotions, and a lot more to make you understand whether Lovesac is worth buying.

Overview of Lovesac

Lovesac Review

After being launched in 1998, the Lovesac brand completed a milestone of selling 12,000 Sacs to a national teen clothing retailer in 2001. Three Years later, Shawn won $1M after competing in Richard Branson’s Rebel Billionaire, which helped the brand achieve new heights.

By 2005, the brand gained popularity among the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs putting their butts on Lovesac products. Lovesac opened 59 showrooms by December 2014, which grew to 70 Lovesac furniture showrooms across America and got named America’s fastest-growing furniture brand by Furniture Today in 2017.

The brand soon got listed on NASDAQ and became a publicly-traded company the following year. Today, the Lovesac stock price is $46.62. In 2019, the brand became more eco-friendly by repurposing 40 million plastic bottles through the partnership of Repreve company.

After then, the upholstery fabric of all Sac and Sactionals Inserts is made from 100% repurposed plastic bottles. The Lovesac review will point out some pros and cons of the brand that’ll give you a better understanding of the company.

Lovesac Review


  • The brand sells a variety of furniture products, including Sactionals, Sacs, accessories, sac inserts, covers, and more
  • Uses 100% repurposed plastic bottles in the fabric of all Sac and Sactionals inserts
  • Uses recycled foam in the filling of their Sacs
  • Made in US furniture products
  • Easy to move Sacs that shrink to 1/8th of their size
  • Free Shipping


  • Don’t ship their products internationally
Lovesac Review

The Lovesac brand has furniture covers in over 200 different patterns that make their furniture products easily customizable that fit any aesthetic of your room or home. The brand has made its large products easy to move by using the tools which they’ll provide. They have closely focused on the comfortability of their products allows you to relax peacefully.

The next section of this Lovesac review will look at the brand’s top-selling products and accessories that’ll make you decide which to choose.

Lovesac Sactionals Review

Lovesac Reviews

The Lovesac brand allows the customers to fully customize their Sactionals to make the couch of their dreams, and their Sactionals are built to fit any room and select a fabric that matches the decor of your room. They have 28 quick ship and 164 custom fabric options to choose from and make your couch look as best as possible.

If you’re planning to change the aesthetic of your living room, then it can be done by changing the covers of your Lovesac couches. You’ll need to order the Cover any time and enjoy the new look of your Lovesac sofas. The best thing about the Lovesac brand is that they have endless possibilities.

As we know, Lovesac is fully customizable. So when designing your Lovesac Sofa, make sure to have fun and play with many different options available there to come up with a perfect couch design. There are so many options for seats and sides that’ll help you make various layouts.

Lovesac Review

Lovesac Sactional is a combination of a Lovesac Seat, Side, and a back pillow, whereas the Seat is the base of the couch. These seats are designed with steel springs and Italian webbing that give your body proper support and comfort. The back pillow helps enhance comfort and can be easy to remove. Start making the couch of your dreams with seats for $750.

Another kind of Seat the brand sells is a Wedge Seat that gives different opportunities to design the couch of your dreams. The wedge seat makes the navigation of your couch easy and helps in your room arrangements by providing multiple dynamic options to your sofa through hard corners. It will cost you $750 and promote your sofa to the next level.

After the wedge seat, the Lovesac brand has another seat, i.e. Storage Seat, to help you keep your room organized. It will provide you with enough storage space inside your couch to put anything unorganized, and often kids create a mess around the room, so the Storage Seat will help clean the room without adding extra storage bins. It looks similar to the original Seat but comes with storage space for $925.

The Seat will always remain incomplete without a Side; the Side for the Seat is as important as the bread is for a sandwich. This Lovesac review tells you that the Side works like the back of your Sactional, keeps your body relaxed and gives proper support to your spine when seated. Don’t forget to add this vital piece to the design of your dream couch for $325.

Apart from a Side, The Lovesac brand also has a Deep Side that makes lounging more comfortable and advanced. Thinner than the regular Side, it allows you to make three or more seats deep. The Deep Side can add to your dream couch for $325.

Consider adding the Roll Arm for $325 helps switch up the vibe and gives a more traditional look to your room. Relatively easy to install, the Roll Arm can be purchased any time whenever you decide to change the style and vibe of your room.

Lovesac Sacs (Bean Bags) Review

Lovesac Review

The Lovesac Sacs are a very comfortable, cosy, and similar to bean bags seat that is made to give you the ultimate relaxation. Although, the Sacs are much more than a bean bag and have evolved over their 20 years of lifespan.

What makes the Sacs different from a typical bean bag is its material. The regular bean bags used to get filled with beans, but the Lovesac bean bag chairs are filled with recycled Durafoam, not beans or beads, making it different and more comfortable.

Like Sactionals, Lovesac allows the customers to customize the Sacs with many different cover options, which could be washed through the washing machine effortlessly. Sitting on a Sac feels like sitting on an actual cloud; shipping a Sac wouldn’t be a pain as it shrinks to one-eighth of its volume, making shipping convenient.

The Lovesac Sacs come in many different sizes. The Big One Sac is the biggest Sac that can comfortably fit up to two adults and two children simultaneously. This Lovesac review recommends buying it for $1,650 if you love enjoying movie nights or quality time with your family or kids.

Another bean bag Lovesac offers is, The SuperSac, which enables one adult and two children to relax comfortably. It has a six-foot-wide surface enough to take a long nap with your two kids. SuperSac allows you to rest next to your window when raining outside or the weather is pleasant with having a book in your hands. For $1,325, this Sac will provide you with multiple options to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

Enjoy your favourite movies on Lovesac’s MovieSac, which is very supportive and comfortable for its users. It allows one adult and one child to rest simultaneously without worrying about the space. Take your movie night experience to the next level with the MovieSac for $1,125.

Lovesac Reviews

Now comes the Sac, i.e. The PillowSac, which can be used by an adult and a kid simultaneously. It can be scrunched up into a Peapod shape for a better lounging experience, or lay it flat to accommodate your overnight guests. Not to worry, it will make you happy with its comfort and cosiness.

We often get together with guests, and this PillowSac will be a great alternative to your bed. As per the Lovesac, the PillowSac is so comfortable that you’ll end up sleeping yourself on it and will let your guests sleep on the bed. Get this ultimate sleepover treasure for $950.

If you’re dwelling in the city with a small apartment or want to use your space more efficiently, opting for a CitySac will be one of your best decisions worth your money. The CitySac is built to provide exceptional comfort in your home without taking too much space. By spending $875, you could have a spot that could replace your bed in your home.

Are you looking to enhance your gaming experience? The Lovesac has made a GamerSac that wouldn’t let you leave your gaming seat and make you play longer gaming sessions. The GamerSac is two and a half feet wide and comes with a Premium GamerSac Duffel Bag, making it easy to ship and store. The premium shredded dura foam is filled inside the GamerSac, great for lounging in the living room, bedroom, or dorm, for $625.

Lovesac Review

The next section of this Lovesac review will look at the Lovesac Shrink Kit that makes any Sacs shipping easy and convenient.

Lovesac Shrink Kits Review

Lovesac Review

The Lovesac has made shipping their Sacs easy through Shrink Kits that’ll compress the Sac to one-eighth of its original volume. This Shrink Kits will contain a giant duffel bagthree plastic bags, and proper instructions to help you compress your Sac.

Shrink Kits are available for The Big One SacSuperSacMovieSacPillowSac, and CitySac. Conveniently store or move your Sac for the price of $65.

Lovesac Squattoman Review

Lovesac Review

The Lovesac Squattoman helps enhance comfort and lets you relax for a longer time. Squattoman can be used as a leg rest of your Sac, a Sactional, and an extra seat in the room. Having a Squattoman creates a considerable difference when resting with or without it. It takes very little space and can be placed or stored in any corner of the home.

This Lovesac Squattoman allows only one person to sit on it and comes with multiple cover options that can be switched whenever you feel like changing the room’s vibe. Available in 14 Quick ship and 169 custom fabric options, the Lovesac brand allows you to choose the fabric made from materials like Phur, Velvet, and Microsuede. This Lovesac Squattoman will cost you $350 and take your lounging experience to the next level.

Lovesac Footsac Blanket Review

Lovesac Review

Get a cosy and warm napping experience with the Lovesac Footsac Blanket with an 18″ built-in foot pocket to keep your feet warm. These foot pockets will also help you deal with blankets slipping off of your feet that make us irritate a lot when we try getting comfortable.

This Footsac Blanket is 50 inches wide and 70 inches long, enough to straighten the legs of someone who’s around 5’6″ to 5’10”. Comes in Owl and Wombat Phur, this Footsac Blanket has a cotton-poly backing, keeping your body comfortable and cosy throughout the nap. This machine-washable blanket is priced at $200.

This Lovesac review will go through the customer reviews from the various online platform in the next section that’ll help you decide whether Lovesac furniture is worth buying.

Lovesac Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lovesac Review

Through this Lovesac review, we will look closely at the customer reviews on various platforms such as Reddit, the Lovesac website, and the BBB to understand what real users think about the brand, their products, shipping, returns, and customer service.

A Lovesac review on Reddit praised the quality and comfortability of their Sactionals. The customer also appreciates the excellent customer service he experienced and writes, “I just bought a sactional and am very impressed. Very high quality and comfortable (deep seat setup). If you’re spending that much, you’re getting a very big couch and any high quality couch of that size will be expensive. I’ve had a great customer service experience.

Another review on Reddit loved how easy it is to clean the Sactional covers, “We have a dog and a toddler, and because the covers spot clean so easily and can come off to wash, I was comfortable getting a light color, which I love love love.

The majority of Reddit reviewers found praising the Lovesac Sactionals. A reviewer writes, “I love it. We spent about 6k on our Sactional all-in, and it’s just the two of us (and a cat.) That said, we have the disposable income for it, so maybe that muddies my opinion. But it’s great so far, I think it’s very comfortable, and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, my dream couch.

We found a few negative Lovesac reviews on Reddit, where a user said that the Sactionals were not comfortable for him, and they returned those couches for a refund. It’s good about Lovesac that the customer can get a full refund if they don’t like their Sacs and Sactionals. The reviewer mentioned that it was a “huge pain to move in the boxes and even worse hauling it all back after it was assembled.

A 5 stars customer review on Lovesac’s website reported having some problems with their order and contacted the Lovesac customer service, which amazed the buyer. The customer appreciated how the customer service guy helped them, “We had some problems with our order and online registration. Ian, who was our customer service guy, went above and beyond to help us out and make sure our order submitted and processed.”

There are so many positive customer reviews on the brand’s website. However, a very few of them have complaints. A reviewer mentioned that Lovesac couches are uncomfortable for them, but definitely, their money is entirely safe, and they can get a full refund of their purchase. The review spokes, “One of the worst sofas I have ever purchased. It is extremely uncomfortable and way too firm. Fabric is like sandpaper. Very difficult to get even the slightest bit of dirt out. The only pro about this sofa is it’s easy to move and customize. NOT worth the price at all.

We also looked on BBB for Lovesac reviews, where we found a considerable amount of customer reviews were appreciating the fast shipping and quality of their Sactionals. A customer review said, “We are absolutely THRILLED with our LOVESAC! The buying experience was excellent and service and timeliness of delivery were IMPECABLE! This is by far the most comfortable couch I have ever tried. We ended up upgrading to the Lovesoft. We decided to order Lovesac after our couch from Joybird was late by over 1 month late. We were told that our Sactional would arrive within 1-4 weeks, which we were very skeptical of since it is the holidays. Well, all pieces of our couch arrived within 6 DAYS!!! We couldn’t believe it! Yes, assembling it took some time, but we were warned of it and after getting our couch so quickly we did not mind it one bit. Its not a cheap couch but it is worth every penny!

We also found a negative Lovesac warranty review that said, even though they took advantage of the warranty and also mentioned customer service is excellent, the pillow quality is so poor. The review notes, “Customer service has been great, but the problem was never resolved. The back pillows give no support, and the cushions are so horribly thin that it feels like I am sitting on the wood base.

Is Lovesac Furniture Worth It?

Lovesac reviews

Through this Lovesac review, we admire the versatile, supportive and comfortable nature of their Sactionals and Sacs that mesmerized countless customers and made them live a cosy and comfortable life. The Lovesac company has made products that offer a variety of sizes and fabrics through easy customization options to a wide range of customers.

Through this Lovesac review, we also admire the Lovesac brand for using 100% recycled bottles to manufacture their Sactionals and recycled foam for their Sacs. Apart from this, many customers appreciate their customer service through their reviews across various platforms. Lovesac customer service has received positive responses from the customers irrespective of being satisfied with the products.

Although the Lovesac brand has received some complaints about the delivery, assembly, and return process. However, the brand resolves these complaints and doesn’t make much difference in the overall positive response for their Sactionals.

The brand offers a full refund to its unsatisfied customers. If you ordered something from Lovesac and didn’t like it, then ask for the return and get the full refund from the company with no questions asked. So, don’t you think Lovesac is worth your money?

We believe Lovesac products are worth buying, especially when customers have the option to get the full refund of their purchase if not getting satisfied. This Lovesac review will explain the promotions and discounts run by the brand to help you save your money in the next section.

Lovesac Furniture Promotions & Discounts

Lovesac Review

The Lovesac brand offers a Military discount to all active military members, also known as the Lovesac Heroes discount. This 5% off discount is valid for teachers as well.

Where to Buy Lovesac Furniture

Lovesac Review

The Lovesac brand has 70 company-owned showrooms across America where you can visit and buy the furniture of your dreams or buy directly from, giving a superior buying experience. Lovesac items are also available on Wayfair, Best Buy, Costco, and the Lovesac Amazon store.

How to Contact Lovesac

If there’s still something left that this Lovesac furniture review missed, feel free to reach out to the company at their email address or call them at 888-636-1223.

Customer service working hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET, and Saturday to Sunday, 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM ET.


Lovesac Review

Where is Lovesac Made?

The Lovesac products are made in China and Texas, where 60% of all their products are made in China and their Sacs are made in Texas.

Who owns Lovesac Furniture?

Shawn Nelson is the founder of Lovesac company, who started the company after creating its first-ever eight-foot foam filled “Lovesac” in the basement of his parent’s Utah home.

What is inside of a Lovesac?

The insides of Lovesac furniture are filled with recycled foam called Durafoam, which gives the user a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Why is it Called a Lovesac?

The brand owner, Shawn Nelson, invented its first “Sac” in 1998. He decided to name his company “Lovesac”. Lovesac Sacs look very similar to bean bag chairs but are much more than it.

Is buying a Lovesac worth it?

This Lovesac review believes that Lovesac is worth the buy. The brand offers a full refund on their returned products. So if you don’t get satisfied with their product, you can return the product and get your full money back.

Can you Buy Lovesac Furniture in Stores?

Yes, you can visit Lovesac furniture showrooms to buy furniture of your choice. The brand has 70 showrooms across America, so that you can visit the nearby stores.

What is Lovesac’s Return Policy?

If you’re looking to return a Lovesac product, you must have your original receipt number when claiming the warranty, so keeping your receipt in a safe place is recommended.

Lovesac has the policy to accept returns within 60 days from the date of product delivery. Just fulfill the return requirements, and Lovesac will be happy to issue a full refund on your purchase.

Just make sure the product is in its original condition; the return should include all components of the product that you received upon delivery.

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