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Moon Pod reviews

Talking about the Mood Pod, It’s a zero-gravity chair made of high density beads in order to provide you ergonomic comfort and support. It is a fine-quality bean bag that has been made to provide next level comfort while sitting in the living area, watching TV or working on your laptop. This bean bag chair makes you feel relaxed and enhances your comfort while sitting near the poolside or resting in the home.

This chair is suitable for everyone irrespective of age. You can sit or rest on a Mood Pod chair during the day or night. It is very simple to move this lightweight chair from one point to another with just one hand. This chair is even comfortable for a long hours of sitting or resting.

The bean bag’s washable cover is easy to clean with hands or in the machine. High-density beads reduce the pain of the neck, shoulders, back and other parts of the body. You can also use this soft and lightweight chair for reading, playing video games or studying. It also helps to improve posture and keeps your spine straight for a long time.

Just because the quality they provide in the Moon Pod, the brand has got featured in several news magazines such as CNN, The Trendspotter, Game Spot, Pure Wow, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, Yahoo, USA Today, Entrepreneur, SWAGGER Magazine and many more.

Despite of being a new company, they are continuously attracting a lot of people on social media as well with around 80k followers on Instagram and around 18k following on Facebook.

Through this Moon Pod review, we will discuss deeply about the company, their popular products, customer reviews, promotions and more in order to help you decide whether to buy Moon Pod bean bags or not.

Overview of Moon Pod

Moon Pod reviews

The Moon Pod company was launched in the year 2018. With powerful marketing campaigns and ads, their products managed to capture the attention of many customers all around the globe. The Moon Pod bean bag is designed by John Fiorentino who is famous for discovering many products such as gravity blanket and Moon Pod for the comfort of your body. 

This bean bag is the another superb invention of John for daily use. The ergonomic design of Mood Pod is one of the richest features that give flexibility to your body. The Moon Pod ensures the optimal relaxation and improves the blood circulation throughout the body. It also reduces the back pain and neck pain along with giving relaxation to the overall body.

The moon pod also ensures the enough amount of support to your body when sitting, reclining or laying down. Right now the company has offering several accessories in order to make your lounging experiences better.

Mood pod uses recycled materials and other tested materials in the manufacturing of their products. The company is headquartered in Greater New York and their covers are made in Asia. So till here, you definitely know a little bit about the brand. Right? but before moving further in this Moon Pod review, let’s have a look at the highlights.


  • Improves blood circulation and relieves pain in back and neck.
  • Provides ergonomic support and comfort to the body.
  • Uses recycled materials in the manufacturing process.
  • 3 or 5 years coverage plans available.
  • Available through installments as well.
  • Refer a friend and get $25 Gift Card.
  • Free shipping available.
Moon Pod reviews

The brand’s ultimate goal is to provide comfort to their customers and their zero gravity bean bag chair provides weightless feeling to the users just like the Flotation Therapy does.

In the next section of this Moon Pod review, we will get into the details of brand’s popular products that are built to provide extra comfort and support.

Moon Pod Bean Bag Review

The Moon Pod brand feature several products that give proper support and comfort while relaxing. Mood pod offer products such as Moon Pod bean bag, Super Moon Pod, Crescent, Lunar Lift etc which we’ll look at below.

Moon Pod Chair Review

Moon Pod reviews

As we all can observe the increase of stress in our lifestyle, it becomes extremely important for us to have the appropriate amount of relaxation. Although not everybody can afford big comfy and expensive couches, people not even have enough space for the dedicated lounge area.

Because of all such reasons, Mood Pod emerges as the best solution that merely occupies 4 square feet of space at your home which is way lesser than the space occupied by the lovesac, regular bean bag or recliner.

Despite being smaller, the Mood Pod gives ultimate relaxation and support to your body. It has been filled with high-density beads in order to mimic the flotation therapy.

This Moon Pod is completely suitable for someone who’s up to 6’8” taller and has 300lbs of body weight. The high-density beads in the moon pod can successfully provide relaxation to the each body type.

This moon pod will always be available to you whenever you’re looking to sit on it, recline or lie down, want to read a book or to get an afternoon nap. You will always get an ergonomic support and comfort through this moon pod bean bag.

So if you’re making your plan to buy this moon pod then it will be available to you in five different color options i.e. moon indigo, cosmic ash, space gray, Neptune blue, and rose quartz. This moon pod weighs 12lbs and comes at a price of $299.

Super Moon Pod Review

Moon Pod reviews

Spending time together with your friend or loved one? If so then definitely one moon pod isn’t enough for you and you must want something that can provide comfort and relaxation to both of you and your friend together. Right?

Here comes the Super Moon Pod, the advanced version of Moon Pod that has been designed for two people to provide them with world-class comfort together.

The super moon pod is the combination of two moon pods and an extra-large supportive cover that will support you and your friend together. It will increase the togetherness with your friend or the loved one and you together can enjoy movies, work together, or read together.

The super moon pod is filled with high-density beads that will mimic the sensation of flotation therapy. It comes in three different colors and priced at $499.

Moon Pod Crescent Review

Moon Pod reviews

Crescent is the another most loved product of Moon Pod that has been designed to boost your experience while watching TV, playing video games, or doing something else when using it with Moon Pod bean bag. We often need to sit a little higher and with the help of a crescent, things become a lot easier.

The brand has created it with the aim of providing some extra relaxation and support that can be used anywhere in your home. Whether it’s the couch or your bed, it will continue to boost your comfort and will let your body feel the zero-gravity experience.

The thousands of high-density beads are used in the making of this Crescent that adapts to any position of your body and gives you the same zero-gravity comfort.

Currently it’s available in five different colors and you can choose the one that matches to your moon pod. And if you’re looking to buy it then it’s priced at $139 at the moment.

Moon Pod Lunar Lift Review

Moon Pod reviews

Whenever you’re relaxing either by sitting or reclining on the moon pod, your legs remain down on the floor which could be little uncomfortable and can also impact on the lower body blood circulation due to which your relaxation session could remain incomplete.

Moon Pod has introduced the another innovative product, which is called lunar lift foot rest that has been designed to take your relaxation experience to the next level. The Lunar Lift will allow you to put your feet up along with keeping your body reclined on the moon pod.

Elevating your legs with the help of lunar lift will improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and relieve pressure from your lower body. Using the lunar lift combined with moon pod will give your body an unbeatable experience.

The same high-density beads are used in the making of lunar lift and has the same height as the moon pod due to which your body will get the ultimate relaxation experience when aligning your body perfectly by putting your feet up.

Lunar Lift comes with a washable cover and will be available in 5 different color options. You can just lean back, raise your feet, and relax after spending your $139 on it.

Moon Pod Outdoor Cover Review

Moon Pod reviews

The best thing about the moon pod is, it’s portability. You can take your moon pod wherever you want, it wouldn’t take much efforts as it weighs just 12 pounds. If you ever wish to get some sun with your moon pod then that wish can indeed be fulfilled.

The brand’s another product is, Outdoor Cover that can be used for the outdoor purposes as you don’t want it to get dirty ( original cover of the moon pod ) when taking your moon pod to the beach or lounge by the pool.

The moon pod’s outdoor cover is water resistant, easy to clean, and will completely protect your moon pod when taking the sun bath at the beach or relaxing in the sun next to the pool. Made from the special blend of fabrics, the outdoor cover will allow you to enjoy and relax anywhere without being scared of rough surfaces or the dirt outside.

The outdoor cover will cost you $99 or you can take it through interest-free installments by afterpay and start exploring new heights of the relaxation.

Moon Pod Sleeve Review

Moon Pod reviews

Undoubtedly Moon Pod has become the most loved bean bag chair among the people and that’s why the brand has launched moon pod sleeve as their new product.

Although each moon pod comes with a sleeve, but it’s always good to have another one. Whenever you want to wash the cover, you will still have an extra one that can be used in the replacement of the dirty cover. Therefore you can purchase an extra mood pod sleeve through the brand’s website.

The moon pod sleeve is easy to wash and comes in the same five colors as the moon pod. So changing the moon pod cover will definitely change the vibe. At the moment, the sleeve will cost you $74 per piece, you can also opt for interest-free installments by afterpay.

Where are Moon Pods Made?

The moon pod had partnered with a manufacturer in Asia to produce the outer and inner shells. Whereas the inner filling, assembly, and shipping are done within the US.

Is Moon Pod Good for your Back?

Moon Pod reviews

If you’re from one of those looking to buy Moon Pod or ever thought of buying it then you must have been thinking that is moon pod good for your back?

To help you get the answer of this question, let me tell you that the brand has designed each moon pod to support each vertebra in your back and neck. A lot of customers have reported of getting weightless feel and immense comfort and relaxation on it.

The moon pod is designed uniquely to support any body shape for maximum comfort, therefore you wouldn’t have to worry about your back as the anti-anxiety float chair will do its job of keeping your back and neck safe.

What are Moon Pods Filled with?

As per the moon pod’s official website, each Moon Pod “is filled with custom-made high-friction beads that are encased by supportive shells. The outer shell is a unique blend of materials that holds Moon Pod’s shape and works to actively morph to your body.”

They also ensure the sustainability of their products and always use recycled and unused materials while manufacturing their products.

Who is Moon Pod for?

Moon Pod reviews

A lot of people must be thinking that who is Moonpod for? If you’re one of those who’s looking for the best furniture options for their home that can keep you comfortable and supported all day then Moon Pod bean bag is definitely made for you.

Even If you’re going through the back pain and neck pain, this moon pod will provide you intense comfort and relaxation while doing any activity. The brand had worked a lot in the favor of users’ comfort, support, and relaxation and you’ll definitely love using it.

Moon Pod Reviews : What Do Customers Think?

Moon Pod reviews

For this Moon Pod review, we analyzed thousands of reviews available on the internet about the Moon Pod brand that will help us understand what real users are thinking about the products. We had taken the closer look at the reviews available on the brand’s website, Slumber Search, Reddit, Mattress Clarity, and more so that you can be able to take a wise decision.

The brand’s website has thousands of positive reviews about their various products and after giving the closer look, we observed that the majority of the customers were praising their products. Many customers had reported of getting comfortable and relaxing experience along with ergonomic support that cured their back and neck pain. Let’s look at each products rating:

  • Moon Pod : an average rating of 4.7/5 stars based on 2,351 reviews.
  • Super Moon Pod : average ratings of 4.9/5 stars based on 61 reviews.
  • Crescent : 627 reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5.
  • Lunar Lift : 232 reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5.
  • Outdoor Cover : 40+ reviews and 4.8/5 stars rating.

A customer expressed how comfortable the moon pod is for him and for what purpose he’s using it:

The moment my Moonpod arrived I knew it would be my favorite piece of furniture. It’s extremely comfortable and naturally adjusts to your body shape. I use it for afternoon naps or as a chair to do work on my laptop. It doesn’t take up much room, so it’s perfect for small spaces. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who values self-care.

Even pets love relaxing on the moon pod as per the another customer:

Great product. Fell in love with it from the moment I sat in it . Very comfortable. I love the way it hugs my body . Feels very sturdy when I sit upright and super comfy when in lounging position. The only other person that loves it more than me is my pup. I will be purchasing another one in the near future.

Many customers also praised the size and comfortability of the super moon pod. A user found it bigger enough to cuddle a big dog or a human while relaxing on it:

I love this product. I wanted something big enough to lay down on and curl up for a nap. I definitely got that! It’s actually a lot bigger than I expected, so it’s great for curling up and napping. My only downside is that sometimes I lay down too much in the center and the moon pods get flat where they connect and super full on the edges. Nothing some adjusting can’t fix, but if you are a small person you may find the single pod is a good fit. But if you’re tall or like to spread out or cuddle a big dog or human, the super moon pod is a dream! Another cool thing is that I can stack this product vertically so it’s like one pod on top of the other and it can create an amazing hammock effect or even just a taller seat which can be good for some people who struggle to get off the floor.

We hadn’t found many negative reviews but there were some customers who were finding it difficult to get out of the moon pod after sitting on it: “My parents just bought this bag and they hate it! The first time my dad sat in it he couldn’t get out and he is

According to the moon pod review on Mattress Clarity, Marten Carlson described the product’s advantages and disadvantages along with expressing how he felt on it:

Lying back on the Moon Pod, the chair does conform to the shape of my body and, even though I weigh 250 lbs, I don’t drop right through to the floor. The fill seems to mass together to support me. I did feel pretty weightless while using the Moon Pod.

Marten Carlson also described about the common issues which he was experiencing i.e. it is difficult to get out:

Getting out of the Moon Pod is no easy task, and people who significantly trouble to move around might need help. Even those without mobility issues could find it difficult to push themselves out of the Moon Pod.

Many customer reviews on Slumber Search report that the moon pod is so comfortable and supports the body exactly where it needed the most:

The Moon Pod is fantastic! I bought this for my dad who has a bad back and hip and he LOVES it. He says it’s so comfortable and supports his body exactly where he needs it.

At Moon Pod Amazon page, the customers have rated the moon pod as 4.5/5 stars based on 33 global ratings and there was a total of 30 reviews out of which 89% were 4 or 5 star reviews.

One customer report that sitting on the moon pod is like sitting on the cloud and he indeed enjoys on it while another customer said it feels like I’m floating:

This is the best product I’ve bought in the WFH era. I had shoulder surgery a month ago and the pain relief from sitting in this thing is amazing. It’s great as an alternative to sit in to relax, nap or do some emailing. You truly feel weightless and relaxed after plopping down. Whatever it’s made of is heaven. It’s also incredibly lightweight while still being comfy and big enough for anyone. Moving from room to room is easy so there’s never an excuse to not have a great place to sit. Overjoyed with this purchase!

Although there were only 3 negative reviews out of 30 total reviews where a customer reported of sinking right to the floor upon sitting as he felt there aren’t enough beads:

I was super excited about this, but upon sitting in it I sink right to the floor. If you want to be upright like the picture there aren’t enough beads, so there ends up being nothing under your butt. The beads themselves feel like they bunch up and all together are hard not soft or a “floating feeling”. I’m 6’0 190Lbs

When we looked at Reddit, there was mixed moon pod reviews as some reddit users loved using moon pod because it cradles their body and gives them floating-like experience, while other reddit users being hardcore floaters, didn’t like the way the moon pod is marketed. As per these users:

Nope, the whole idea of floating is to lose the sensation that you are in the water or have pressure on your body essentially losing your sense of physical self. This is not that.

We believe in taking negative reviews seriously, but it’s also true that a huge number of customers got weightless experience on the moon pod. Although, we agree that regular floaters didn’t have a good experience.

We shouldn’t forget that the moon pod only “mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy” and doesn’t replicate it exactly. So we hope this moon pod review gave you the depth insight of the product and will be helpful to you in making your decision.

Is Moon Pod Worth It?

Moon Pod reviews

You must be wondering that is moon pod worth it? Actually a lot of customers had accepted the fact that the mood pod gives ultimate relaxation to them and provided proper support to their body due to which they got relief from their back pain and neck pain.

People found moon pod to be more comfortable than other chairs and when it comes to the price, it’s way more affordable than the other comfortable furniture available in the market. Apart from this, you’ll hardly save your money when buying any other furniture, but the moon pod brand regularly offer decent discounts and Afterpay payment plans to their customers.

As per the brand, the moon pod has the ability to mimic the flotation therapy due to which the users get zero-gravity feel and find themselves extremely comfortable and relaxed.

Apart from the company’s claim, many customers experienced the floating-like sensation that felt like they hadn’t experienced before. Although the hardcore floaters didn’t find it to mimic the real water floating. But still, the ability to mimic the floatation therapy had attracted a lot of customers.

No matter whether you get floating-like experience or not, this moon pod will definitely support your entire body and will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Just because of all these reasons, we believe that Moon Pod is a legit brand and it will definitely be worth buying to those looking to get a full-body support and relaxation. We hope you got the answer through this Moon Pod review.

Moon Pod Coupon & Discounts

Moon Pod reviews

If you’re looking to buy Moon Pod bean bag and want to get some discounts then we would love to tell you that Moon Pod is offering 25% discount on everything you buy from their website. The Moon Pod coupon code will get applied automatically upon checkout.

You can also save your money through below methods:

  • Refer your friend, then you and your friend will get $25 on their first purchase of above $99.
  • Free shipping

Where to Buy Moon Pod Bean Bag

Moon Pod reviews

The Moon Pod products can be purchased through their official website only i.e. and you wouldn’t find their products anywhere on Amazon.

How to Contact Moon Pod

After reading this Moon Pod review, If you’re still have any questions or queries then feel free to contact the brand at their email address i.e.


What is a Moon Pod Chair?

Basically Moon Pod is a bean bag chair that provides ergonomic comfort and support to your body. The brand has designed it in a way that it mimics the floatation therapy and supports your entire body along with providing you complete relaxation throughout the day. The moon pod covers are quite soft and easy to clean.

How Expensive is a Moon Pod?

The original price of the Moon Pod is $399 but currently it’s on a discounted sale of $299.

How Do you Clean a Moon Pod?

Cleaning a moon pod isn’t much difficult. All you have to do is, unzip the moon pod cover from the pod and wash it with the cold water in your washing machine or through your hands. After this, simply tumble try it and you’re all done.

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