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smaco scuba tank review

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Smaco Scuba Tank Review

5 Star

It’s good overall. I also bought an attachment to fill it from my scuba tank. I got it specifically to check the bottom of my boat, and it’s great for that. I use it at depths between 6-10 feet, and it does the job well. The only issue is that it doesn’t have a lot of air.


  • It’s all in one; just fill the bottle, and it’s ready to use.
  • It works well with just a mask and fins.
  • It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and you don’t need extra gear.


  • It doesn’t have much air, so it’s best for quick checks under your boat.
  • You can’t use it for extended dives or at depths greater than 20 feet.”

4 Star “My son is having a blast with this. He got it along with a high-pressure pump and now he can dive for a few minutes each time. It’s holding up great, even with all the rough treatment a 12-year-old can give, and it doesn’t leak at all.”

4 Star “I got it for my husband, but he didn’t like it. It wasn’t what he thought it would be. But we were able to return it and get our money back without any problems.”

1 Star “The tank is okay if you want to fill it with a big tank, but if you try to use the hand pump, it’s really hard to fill. I pumped for 10 minutes, but I just got tired and annoyed. Even after more than 1000 pumps, the gauge was only halfway full.”

1 Star “This product doesn’t seem like it’s of high quality, not up to European or American standards. Plus, filling it with the pump is really tough and takes a long time. The pump from this company doesn’t look like it’s meant for filtering air for scuba tanks. I’m very disappointed. And it only provides a maximum of 5 minutes of use, which is not great.”

5 Star “This tank is pretty good. It was first made as a backup for scuba divers in emergencies, and now anyone can get one. But you need to do some research and be careful not to go deeper than about a meter. They’re fun for looking underwater for a longer time. I also like that you can fill it up again using a pump or an air compressor.”

1 Star “The tank doesn’t keep air inside. I even replaced all the seals and o-rings it came with, but it still didn’t work. If you’re thinking of using this as a backup for safety while diving, I wouldn’t recommend it. The hand pump is not helpful at all; it took 3 hours to fill it halfway, and it leaked out in less than 3 minutes. It’s not worth the money.”

5 Star “I was very excited to get this for cleaning my boat’s bottom. It’s hard to keep coming up for air, and it takes a long time. But this tank is great – it helps me get the job done in about 10 minutes. The tank is strong but not too heavy, so I can carry it easily. It’s simple to fill, and it does exactly what it promises. I really recommend it for quick underwater tasks.”

1 Star “I tried everything I could think of – tightening everything, changing gaskets, taking it apart and putting it back together, and more. But the pump just wouldn’t work, and it had air leaks.”

5 Star “This worked really well for me! The tank is light, and it’s easy to swim with. I bought a scuba tank to refill it, which is much easier than using a pump. I highly recommend it. My daughter and I use them often, and we really like them. It seems to be built well, and we haven’t had any problems so far. If anything changes, I’ll let you know. I got two of these, and they’ve worked nicely. I’d buy it again. Enjoy!”

5 Star “This is really cool! I didn’t even know something like this existed. I live not too far from Lake Tahoe, so I’m planning to take it there and have some fun. I’d suggest getting it if you want to try something more exciting than just snorkeling.”

5 Star “I’m really amazed at how good the tank and regulator are. But to fill it up, I had to go to the dive shop nearby, so I’d recommend getting the filling station if you want to fill it on your own. You can get it from the seller for $40.”

5 Star “This tank is really great. I got it as a gift for my child’s father because he’s a diver. It helps him have more time when he’s coming up from deep in the water, so he doesn’t get the bends. It’s just like they described, and he hasn’t had any problems with it yet. I’ll share more about it in six months.”

Smaco Mini Scuba Tank Review

5 Star “This could be a real lifesaver. I always watch my air when I’m exploring the reef, but having this backup makes me feel really safe. If I ever run out of air while I’m 75 feet underwater, this gives me enough air to safely come back up. I really suggest getting one if you’re a diver who enjoys exploring and wants that extra level of safety while underwater.”

5 Star

I recently got to use the SMACO Scuba Tank on a trip, and I was really impressed. It was even better than I expected. First, this Mini Tank is super convenient. It’s small and light, so it’s easy to carry and store, which is important when you’re at the beach. In terms of how well it works, this tank does a great job. It holds enough air for a satisfying dive. The tank also has a pressure gauge that’s easy to use, so you can keep an eye on your air levels without any trouble. It worked really well and gave me a smooth breathing experience during all my dives.

One of the best things about this scuba tank is that it’s easy to use, even for someone like me who was buying a scuba tank for the first time. The adjustable straps make it simple to secure the tank to your body. It’s also very durable. It seems like it’s made from high-quality materials, so it feels strong and like it can handle the challenges of diving. This solid construction gives me confidence and peace of mind, knowing it can hold up in tough underwater situations.

Lastly, I want to applaud Smaco for how they focus on safety. The tank is designed with many safety features, like a pressure relief valve and a built-in pressure reducing system. These features make sure you can enjoy your dive without worrying about unexpected issues.

In short, the Scuba Tank is an amazing piece of diving gear, and I highly recommend it. Its great performance, easy portability, user-friendly design, durability, and commitment to safety make it an excellent choice, especially for beginners.”

4 Star

When I got this, I wanted to try it in my pool by filling it from one of my bigger tanks, but I couldn’t do that because it doesn’t come with an adapter like most of these devices do. I got this to have on my boat when I’m fishing because sometimes I pick up things like wire lines or abandoned crab trap ropes. If I can’t get them loose by going forward and backward, I have to go overboard and cut them free (my boat has an inboard engine). Sometimes, it takes several trips underwater to cut them free, and this device will help me do it more safely and quickly.

I managed to get an adapter from a local dive shop, and it works as it should. It won’t give you a lot of time underwater, but it’s enough for small tasks. It’s not meant to be comfortable for long, leisurely underwater trips, but it does what it’s supposed to – provide a short trip or emergency air.”

Smaco S300 Review

1 Star “People said dive shops could fill this because it’s certified, but that’s not true. In Key Largo, Florida, no dive shops would fill it because they didn’t have the right adapter. So unless you buy the adapter separately, it’s totally useless. Also, it doesn’t come filled with air, so without the adapter, you can’t use it at all.”

5 Star “Easy to use as a pony bottle for diving. I would recommend an electric pump rather than hand pump though, as it is a chore to fill by hand.”

5 Star “I’m really pleased with these tanks. They work well! I suggest getting the compressor with them because using the hand pump takes a long time.”

2 Star “This could be fun for playing in your backyard pool or maybe in the ocean, but it’s really hard to use. I can’t emphasize enough how tough it is to pump, and it takes a lot of effort to make it work. You have to pump for 20-30 minutes just to get 6-8 minutes of use. But, you might not even want to use it because your arms and back will be exhausted, and you’ll be so tired and out of breath that you won’t feel like getting in the water. So, my advice is not to buy it. If you really, really want or need something like this, go somewhere and get a full tank that you can fill it from. That way, you’ll actually use it, and you’ll save the money on a pump that you won’t want to use anyway.”

5 Star “It works just like they said it would. The way it’s made seems strong and well done. Setting it up and using it was really simple. I’m not a serious diver, but it worked really well for me. I used it for about 2 hours without any problems. I’m happy with it, and I’m thinking of getting another one.”

Smaco S700 Review

4 Star

I wanted a low-cost “scuba” system for cleaning my boat’s hull. I read a review called “The SMACO Scuba System: A Candid Review” by DIVEIN to understand the good and bad points. I’ve used it a couple of times this season and here’s what I think:

  • It’s not a cheap replacement for a real scuba system.
  • The 2-liter tank only lasts about 5 minutes when I’m cleaning the boat, so I need two refills to finish the job.
  • It’s a bit hard to control the buoyancy because it doesn’t have a BCD. In my case, the positive buoyancy helps me clean the boat hull.
  • I wouldn’t use this beyond 10 feet deep for safety reasons.
  • I suggest refilling the tank at a dive shop instead of using the HEAP-1 compressor. After filling my tank with the HEAP-1 compressor for the third time, the air had a strong smell. Even though the manual said to change the filter every 5 to 6 times, the filter was wet after just one refill. The HEAP-1 doesn’t clean and dry the air properly, which leads to moisture in the tank. After getting a better filter, the air quality improved but it’s still not as good as what you get from a dive shop.

In summary, this system is good for boat owners to clean the hull, change the prop, or retrieve lost items. But it’s not a real scuba system, and air quality can be a problem if you use the HEAP-1 or a similar compressor. I gave it 4 stars because it’s perfect for me as a boat owner for occasional use, but I wouldn’t use it for scuba diving (even though I’m a certified diver).”

5 Star “I got this to keep on my boat for a few reasons. It seems like it’s made well, and it came with all the connections you need. It also has a connection to hook up to a regular dive tank, so you can refill it right on the spot. I’m a diver, but I wouldn’t use it for dives deeper than 10 feet. If you’re going diving, you should have a safe second, a BCD, and more safety gear. Some people said they couldn’t fit it in the case when it’s filled with air because of the valve. But I managed to cut the foam in the case to make it fit. Now it fits in the case at an angle, and there’s enough space in each corner for the regulator and other stuff.”

5 Star

This is a great little device. What I love about it is that it lets you go SCUBA diving without all the usual planning and equipment you’d normally need. It makes SCUBA something you can do on the spur of the moment.

When I first ordered the S-700, I wasn’t clear on whether it included the SCUBA Tank Refill Adapter. Even after reading the description, it’s still not very clear because the product description is the same for all 3 models. Now, I understand that A is the basic unit, B includes the SCUBA tank adapter, and C includes the compressor.

While it can’t replace a full SCUBA kit, it does make it easy to breathe underwater. I like that you can take it on tropical vacations and simply rent a SCUBA tank for some extra time underwater. I imagine using it in situations where we might have just gone snorkeling to explore at shallower depths.

My one complaint is that the case isn’t big enough to hold the unit fully assembled. I’d prefer to keep the unit filled with air in the case, but there’s not enough space to do that and have everything put together at the same time.

The unit itself works well, but it’s not super fancy. The regulator does its job, but it’s not the smoothest. Considering that the whole unit costs as much as some regulators, it’s about what I expected.

Overall, I’m very happy with the “SMACO S700 Mini Scuba Tank 1.9L Portable Mini Scuba Diving Tank Reusable Pony Bottle with 25-30 Minutes Backup Diving Air Tank Kit Diving Oxygen Cylinder for Underwater Exploration Rescue.”

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