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spetool review

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SpeTool Review from Real Users

5 Star “No runout, sharp from the factory and last a decent amount of time. Good value for the price.”

5 Star “The router bit with a spiral design does a good job of making a clean edge on the top. I’m using it with a handheld plunge router and a circle jig to make holes and grooves in DIY speaker boxes. I can’t compare it to other bits, but it seems sharp and of decent quality. It cuts smoothly. I can’t say how long it stays sharp because I’ve only used it a few times.”

5 Star “I’ve purchased many sets of these CNC bits. We use them for cutting shapes on our ShopBot Buddy machine. They make clean cuts and stay sharp for a good while. Plus, they’re cheaper than the well-known brand bits. I haven’t had any of them break or wear out too soon, unless it was because of something we did wrong. Remember, it’s always a good idea to double-check your measurements before cutting!”

3 Star “I use lots of different bits, and this brand is usually pretty reliable. It’s not the absolute best, but it’s not the worst either. I’ve had good experiences with this brand, but there were a few times when some bits didn’t last very long or couldn’t handle the job. They’re not super expensive, but they’re not super cheap either. With so many options out there, I can usually rely on these. However, for big or very precise jobs, I prefer to use a brand that I trust a bit more. That doesn’t mean this brand is bad; it’s just not always my top choice.”

5 Star “I have not had one of the down cut bits fail me yet. But with that being said I only CNC softer woods like pine or fur.”

2 Star “You bought a couple a few months ago and was saving them for Christmas decor. First time on 1/2 plywood turned blue from heat. Second shot on 3/4 oak circles for a rocking horse burned up and killing my router in the process. Save up and buy good stuff not cheap bits. Very disappointed ☹️.”

5 Star “I used this bit to cut non-through slots in plywood and it was excellent. Compared to the noise and vibration of straight bits this was absolutely a dream; quiet and smooth. Plus, it left zero tearout on the face of the plywood.”

5 Star “This tool did a really good job cutting holes in 3/4-inch Baltic birch wood. I could only cut a quarter inch at a time because I was using a small palm router, but the cuts were clean and precise. I just had to make sure to clear away the sawdust after each pass.”

1 Star “I bought a set of 4 Spetool bits for $39.95, and I also got this bit separately, which is meant to be a compression bit. But the problem is, this bit is just like the spiral down cut bit that was already in the 4 piece kit. It’s not what I expected to receive.”

5 Star “It did exactly what I needed it to do. The shank was pretty short but that’s my problem for not doing more research.”

2 Star “this bit did not leave clean edges compared to the other brand i used and did not stay sharp as long. I will not be purchasing these in the future.”

5 Star “This works well, but I wouldn’t recommend using it for making circles with a plunge router. It’s better to use an upcut bit for that. However, it still cuts nicely, and I’m satisfied with the product. I would buy it again.”

5 Star “I got this to make grooves in MDF panels. I didn’t think it would last very long, but I didn’t even need to use the second bit because it worked really well. It cut better than I thought it would. It was a great purchase for the price.”

5 Star “I bought this to cut a curved shape through plastic that was glued to a board made of MDF. I was using it to make a table saw miter sled for my workshop. The spiral down cut made a really smooth and clean edge in the thin plastic, just like I wanted. It also left a nice, smooth edge on the MDF and a plastic liner that was glued to the bottom, which touches the table saw. If you’re interested, you can find detailed instructions on how to build a very accurate miter gauge on YouTube. Just search for “Making a Super Accurate Miter Gauge.”

5 Star “I’ve been using this tool non-stop for three months. I chose it because it was more affordable than some other well-known brands, and I didn’t want to mess up an expensive bit since I’m still learning. So far, this tool has been doing a great job. It cuts smoothly through any type of hardwood I use.”

4 Star “I got this end mill to use in my CNC machine for cutting wood. I usually go for bits from Amana Tools, but sometimes I like to test other brands. This bit has impressed me because it still cuts well after many hours of use. It might not cut as cleanly as the really expensive bits, but it’s so close that I plan to buy more of these in the future.”

SpeTool Router Bits Review

5 Star “I used this tool to make a 3/16-inch deep circle in 1/2-inch plywood to hold a clear plastic insert. The way it cuts down into the material helped prevent the plywood’s outer layer from tearing, making the edges look really nice. Even after routing more than 200 inches, the tool didn’t show any signs of wear or getting too hot. With this type of bit, there’s usually a concern about clearing away the cut material, especially with one as narrow as this 1/8-inch bit. But at this depth, it had no trouble getting rid of the sawdust, and there was no burning at all during the whole cut. It’s an excellent router bit!”

5 Star “I used it to carve some lettering on the face of a pine board. The down-cut shears down into the wood instead of up out of the wood, making for a cleaner cut than an upcut bit.”

5 Star “Considering the price, these router bits are quite good. They might not give as clean a cut as some of the more expensive ones, but the quality is still pretty decent. The only problem I had was that the bits were a bit shorter than what I needed for my CNC machine, so I couldn’t cut as deep as I wanted.”

5 Star “I used this tool to cut out a rosette on a classical guitar’s soundboard made of Engelmann spruce. It made a really clean cut, and I could control how close I got to the outer and inner edges of the rosette. I’m very happy with the results and how well this tool cuts.”

2 Star “Using on CNC. It using on CNC on Oak run it slow around 40fpm at .05 depth. If oak has knots slow down to 30 fpm at .03 depth. If not bit will break very easy. On pine and other soft wood 60fmp at .06 anything faster then that bit will break. Got couple from amazon and lasted about 8 hours of use. Lowes 1/8 bits will last 20 times longer then these bits for three dollars more.”

5 Star “I’ve recently come across SpeTool Spiral End Mills, and I’m really impressed with how good they are. I’ve bought several of these end mills, and I’ve been happy with each one. I use them in my CNC machine, and they’ve held up well even after using them multiple times. The spiral design of these end mills makes cutting smooth and efficient, which makes my machining tasks a lot easier. On top of that, they’re not expensive, so they’re a great value for their performance. I like that I can get a tough, high-quality end mill without spending too much money. In short, I highly recommend SpeTool Spiral End Mills to anyone who needs a reliable and affordable tool for their CNC machining projects.”

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