Hexclad Cookware Review

About Hexclad

Being launched in 2016, HexClad is a cookware brand that makes non-stick cookware products for professional and beginner at-home chefs who desire a unique and safe cooking experience. Headquartered in Los Angeles, US, the HexClad company brings hundreds of its U.S. employees together to design and develop non-stick cookware products that help you cook delicious food.

The HexClad brand is laser-focused on maintaining the quality of its cookware products by closely monitoring and testing its products throughout the supply chain to ensure the quality of products and the safety of the users. You might have replaced so many pots and pans over the years. Right? But, the HexClad cookware set is made to put an end to this cycle and will give you a life-long experience.

HexClad Cookware has attracted many eyeballs and is covered by several prominent news magazines like Forbes, CNN, People Magazine, NBC News, Buzzfeed, Oprah’s Favourite Things, Good Housekeeping, Yahoo, and more. They have also gained people’s trust on social media and have 108K followers on Instagram and 89K followers on Facebook, making them a safe and reputed household brand.

We know that trusting the legendary Oprah is easy for so many people, maybe for you, but it’s always better to take a second opinion. Through this HexClad Cookware Review, we will take an in-depth look at the company, the products they sell, their promotions, honest customer reviews, and more to help you decide whether HexClad is worth buying.

Overview of Hexclad

Hexclad Cookware Review

The Hexclad brand was founded by CEO Daniel Winer and the Co-founder Cole Mecray; both targeted the US audience by launching and selling their cookware in 2017 that is made durable enough to last a lifelong. They are heavily focused on the quality of their products by doing regular testing and monitoring throughout the supply chain.

The Company CEO and President, Danny Winer, believes that its cookware has some unique elements that make its cookware stand out from the crowd and beat all its competition in the market. Their hexagon design is one of the examples that features a network of peaks and valleys.

The Hexclad brand makes perfect cookware with a combination of peaks and valleys. Peaks are made of stainless steel, and the valleys are made of non-stick material that gives a unique quality to their cookware and enhances the cooking experience. There are so many non-stick pans in the market that couldn’t handle metal scraping from it; that’s where Hexclad stands out.

While the Hexclad products are manufactured in Asia, they design them at their headquarters in Los Angeles, United States. Before going further, this Hexclad Cookware review will look at some pros and cons of the company that’ll help you think wisely about the brand.


  • Highly recommended by professionals and experts
  • Highly durable and lasts a lifetime
  • All Hexclad cookware is PFOA free
  • Available to purchase in Canada on Costco
  • Alternate financing options are available
  • Buyers can claim a lifetime warranty
  • Free US shipping*


  • *Free shipping excludes Hawaii and Alaska
  • It doesn’t ship internationally

High-quality non-stick cookware makes cleaning up easy and takes significantly less time to cook. This Hexclad Cookware Review will take an in-depth look at the brand’s best-selling products, perfectly made for home or professional use.

Hexclad Cookware Review

Hexclad Cookware Review

The Hexclad hybrid non-stick cookware is traditionally made with beautiful black and silver stainless steel design through innovative technology. The brand’s hybrid technology helps cookware to control the temperature to perfection.

This cookware is metal-resistant, that’ll keep your dishwashers safe and let the brand stand apart from the market competition. So let’s move further to understand their best-selling products through this Hexclad review deeply.

HexClad 7pc Hybrid Cookware Set with Lids and Wok Review

Hexclad Review

First of all, this Hexclad Cookware Review will look at HexClad’s 7pc Hybrid Cookware Set with Lids and Wok that can be used as everyday essentials while cooking at home and in restaurants. This Hexclad Cookware set will help you sharpen your cooking skills, and it contains the following cookware:

  • 12″ Pan
  • 10″ Pan
  • 8″ Pan
  • 12″ Wok

This non-stick HexClad Cookware set features easy-to-clean coatings and allows equal distribution of the heat on the cookware’s surface. Designed for beginner and professional Chefs, the cookware set will stand to your expectations and keep the Hexclad brand ahead of the market competition.

This Cookware set will help you cook delicious food, but it will also keep your loved ones, family, and friends together, and that togetherness will create lifelong memories. Buying this Hexclad Cookware Set should be considered an investment to make memories and strong bonding among the family and friends.

HexClad 12 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Wok Pan Review

Hexclad Cookware Review

Now comes another best-selling product of the Hexclad brand, i.e. HexClad 12 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Pan, which has been designed to cook multiple foods effortlessly at a time and will be a perfect utensil for cooking family meals. The 12” HexClad Hybrid Pan can hold multiple cooking items at a time, such as steaks, fish fillets and side veggies.

The built quality of this 12” Hybrid Pan has made it so versatile that it will single-handedly fulfil the requirement of all the utensils needed in a starter kitchen. This pan evenly distributes the heat around the surface and can work perfectly on induction gas, ceramic, and electric stoves.

It has a hexagonal design with the peaks and the valleys, where the peaks are made of stainless steel, and the valleys are made of non-stick material, which makes cleaning up easy and requires a little or no butter or oil to cook food. The 12” Hybrid Pan has endless possibilities that improve the cooking and dining experience.

The 12” Hybrid Pan is completely oven-safe up to 500 degrees that enables you to extra broil your dish if required. The hybrid pan is entirely scratch resistant that allows you to use metal utensils on this non-stick cookware. This 12” Hybrid Pan is worth spending your money on and comes under 200 dollars.

HexClad 12 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Griddle Pan Review

Hexclad Cookware Review

The 12″ Hybrid Griddle Pan has strong built quality and features an entirely flat surface suitable for cooking your favourite foods. Talking about the non-stick specs, this Hexclad Hybrid Griddle Pan has identical properties to the other products featured in this Hexclad Cookware Review and works on the same stovetops.

We always have to use butter and oils when preparing breakfast, but the non-stick valleys in this Hexclad Griddle Pan allow you to conveniently cook your breakfast with little or no butter or oils. Ideally, this Pan is created to cook foods like pancakes, eggs, and more.

The Hexclad Griddle Pan has stay-cool handles that prevent you from getting any burns on your hands when you try flipping the pancakes. This Griddle Pan can help you make many different dishes that’ll bring your loved ones together and make them enjoy the moments.

Consider buying it as a lifetime investment to help make a strong bond between your family and friends.

HexClad 12” Hybrid Stainless Steel Wok Review

Hexclad Cookware Review

The HexClad 12″ Hybrid Wok is the other most loved product of the brand that we will now feature in this Hexclad review. This Hybrid Wok is designed to cook large meals conveniently and can help fulfil your cravings with quick stir fry, sauces, pasta, and more.

This 12″ Hexclad Wok is deep enough to prevent any unwanted mess and allow the Chef to deep-fry and add the ingredients easily. Its versatile design and built quality can help you quickly prepare several delicious dishes to welcome the guests to dinner.

The non-stick technology of the Hexclad brand will work with your dishwasher to make the cleaning of Hybrid Wok easy. You wouldn’t have to pre-rinse the wok after dinner, and it will get cleaned easily in your dishwasher. I’m sure you must want to buy this Hybrid Wok and are waiting to try your cooking skills with different dishes.

HexClad 14 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan with Lid Review

Hexclad Cookware Review

The 14″ Hybrid Wok With Lid is considered one of the best products of Hexclad Cookware brand that can cook food at high temperatures. The depth of the pan allows to cook a large quantity of the foods quickly and comes with a lid that’ll help keep the food covered.

Represent yourself as a perfect Chef and a cooking wizard in front of the guests at your next party with HexClad 14 Inch frying pan with a lid. Ideal cookware to prepare group meals that can highlight your cooking skills by serving the restaurant like dishes to your friends and family.

It has the same hybrid technology as other pans, making it a helpful cooking utensil that can be cleaned up quickly and purchased at an affordable price.

How Long Does HexClad Last?

Hexclad Reviews

If you’re planning to buy Hexclad Cookware products, you probably also have the same question in your mind. Right? According to the company’s CEO, their Cookware has a life of 20 to 30 years. However, the Hexclad is a new Cookware brand that started selling its products in 2017. So, it’s a little hard to estimate how long their products can last accurately.

The long lifespan of Hexclad Cookware also depends on how you use them and care for them. The non-stick surfaces don’t wear off if appropriately cleaned regularly with rough sponges or by putting in a dishwasher. Happy to know that the Hexclad Cookware is dishwasher safe.

What is the Coating on HexClad?

Hexclad Cookware Review

The Hexclad Cookware comes with a “laser-etched, hexagon design,” Japanese ceramic on the stainless steel surface, and non-stick coating. The diamond dust in the protective layers gives extra durability, distributes the heat evenly around the surface, and adequately cooks the food.

Is HexClad PFOA-free?

Hexclad Review

PFOA must be a new term for many people that stands for perfluorooctanoic acid. PFOA is a chemical used to make non-stick Cookware and can be found in stain-resistant carpets, water-repelling clothes, and more. The PFOA chemical helps the products last for a longer time.

The worst thing about this chemical is that it causes diseases and cancers like kidney cancer and thyroid disease. The high volume of exposure to this chemical may result in such diseases and cancers. Happy to know that the Hexclad products are PFOA-free.

Hexclad Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hexclad reviews

This Hexclad Cookware Review will take a deep look at real customer feedback about the brand that will help us understand what real customers think about the brand and about the products they’ve bought. The press coverage of the brand created a buzz around customers that urged so many customers to grab their products.

The brand’s website has over 6000 verified reviews from its customers, and the majority of them found praising the Hexclad Cookware products for quality and longevity. During our research, we observed that many home cooks invested in these cookware sets to make an upgrade.

One customer reviewed the 12″ HexClad Hybrid Pan and said, “Hexclad had enough real-world reviews that I decided to try the 12″ pan. I’m thoroughly impressed. Very non-stick. Even heating. Easy to clean. I have even put it in the dishwasher once, and it came out fine. Although I probably won’t do it frequently. I would follow their advice about lower cooking Temps. I use less heat than with my other pans, including the cast iron ones.” We found people love their Cookware products, and this 12″ HexClad Hybrid Pan has an average rating of 5 stars out of 5 based on 289 reviews.

Another customer praised the Hexclad brand in its review about 7pc Hybrid Cookware Set With Lids and Wok, saying, “I am impressed with these pans! The way they conduct heat, cook evenly, truly better than traditional non-stick without the harsh chemicals (a must), and also perform like stainless steel and so easy to clean. The handles are very comfortable to hold; I hand flip a lot, and these handles are the perfect shape for comfort. If these last lifetime warranty, I will save money over time. I knew if Chef Ramsey put his name on it, they had to be as described. I believe they are even better than expected.” This Cookware set has an average rating of 4.99 stars out of 5 based on 820 reviews.

One review about the 14″ Hexclad Hybrid Pan with Lid loved the built quality, design, and easy to clean feature: “I am very satisfied with the pan. One of the great things is that it has very short handles, one on each side, and the heat does not transfer to the handles making it easy to move. The lid is very high to cook large pieces of food there, and it also has a partial glass top, making viewing the contents very easy. The coating on the pan’s interior is also very unique, and it cleans up very well. I would recommend this pan.

Customers also praise the Hexclad Cookware brand on Amazon, where HexClad 7-Piece Hybrid Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Lids and Wok has received an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 263 reviews. A customer review found raving about its quality and excellent performance, “They are very sturdy professional pans. A bit heavy. They cook evenly and are very good quality. Clean up is fairly easy, but you must season the pans well; otherwise, cleaning is not quite as advertised, but still amazing product.

Is Hexclad Cookware Worth It?

Hexclad Cookware Review

Through this Hexclad review, we have observed that Hexclad Cookware is worth every penny you spend on it. Hexclad Cookware comes at a reasonable price, has fine built quality, is made for both home and professional Chefs, and gives tough competition to their competitors in the market.

Hexclad products are mess-free and completely dishwasher safe, and Chefs like Gordon Ramsay uses Hexclad in their home. Also, the Hexclad Cookware brand got praised by different media houses, making it more credible and worthy.

Hexclad Promotions & Discounts

Hexclad Cookware Review

With this Hexclad Cookware Review, we would love to tell you that the brand offers a 30% discount on some specific items through their website. Most US customers will get free shipping as well.

Where to Buy Hexclad Cookware

Hexclad Cookware Review

The Hexclad Cookware products can be purchased directly from their website, i.e., hexclad.com. You can also consider buying from Amazon and the local Costco store if you’re from Canada.

How to Contact Hexclad

If you have left with some questions after this Hexclad Cookware Review, you can feel free to contact the brand through the following methods:

  • Phone: (877) 838-3868 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM–5 PM PST)
  • Email: info@hexclad.com
  • Send mail at the address below:

500 S Anderson St.

Los Angeles, CA



Hexclad Cookware Review

Who owns HexClad?

Danny Winer owns the Hexclad company, and he is the current president and CEO of the Hexclad Cookware brand.

Are HexClad pans made in China?

Hexclad Cookware is designed at its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and manufactured in China, Asia.

Is HexClad Cookware Really Safe?

As mentioned in this Hexclad Review, Hexclad Cookware is entirely safe because it’s PFOA-free, but it contains another chemical known as PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Using the PTFE chemical is totally secure and commonly used in non-stick products. This chemical has also been used in dental implants, cardiac stents, and other implants.

What is Hexclad’s Shipping Policy?

Customers in the United States get free shipping on Hexclad Cookware products, excluding the customers of Hawaii and Alaska. Currently, Hexclad doesn’t offer international shipping, but the Hexclad Cookware can be bought at Costco from Canada.

If you’re ordering Hexclad products in the US, then it may take between 5-10 business days for your order to get delivered to your doorsteps. The delivery estimates will get shown to you on the checkout page.

What is Hexclad’s Return Policy?

If you’re looking to return the Hexclad Cookware you purchased, you’re allowed to return it within 30 days of the product delivery date. You need to provide all proof of purchase and cover the return shipping costs. Once the returned items get shipped to the company, they will refund your money.

You need to contact customer service to initiate the return process. Your refund will be sent to you through your original payment method within 7-10 days after the company accepts the return.

Does Gordon Ramsay own HexClad?

This Hexclad Cookware Review research tells that Gordon Ramsay doesn’t own the Hexclad company. However, he serves as HexClad brand’s ambassador who actively participates in the branding and growth strategies of the Hexclad company.

Gordon Ramsay said, “I use the Hexclad pans at home; the combination of stainless steel and non-stick is amazing. It’s highly versatile and cooks exceptionally well.”

Are HexClad pans oven-safe?

Yes, the Hexclad pots and pans are oven-safe up to 500 degrees, while the tempered glass lid is oven-safe up to 300 degrees.

Does HexClad Scratch?

According to the Hexclad brand, their Cookware is scratch-resistant, but just like even a diamond scratch, Hexclad Cookware can also scratch when using the sharp utensils. Although, if it happens, it will not affect the performance or safety of the Cookware. It is recommended to use metal spatulas, whisks, spoons, and other metal utensils to avoid unwanted scratches.

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