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gardenreet reviews

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Gardenreet Reviews

Gardenreet wants to highlight its environmental movement by producing low-carbon and low-energy products. Therefore, they provide the safest-planet outdoor lighting for wells, stairs, walls, gardens, etc. Below are some real user reviews found over internet.

2 Star “I really like the light, but I don’t like getting too many emails that I can’t stop. So, Gardenreet, try to relax a bit!”

5 Star “When it comes to how it’s built, this thing is solid. It’s made of strong brass, it’s heavy, and it seems like it’ll stay in good shape for a long time. It’s a bit too soon to know for sure how well it will keep working, but my first impression is really positive. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought another one. This is my 13th fixture, and for now, I’m really happy with it. I’d give it 5 stars.”

5 Star “I got more than 40 of these, and they’re really good in every way. I especially like the round glass cover because it keeps water and dirt out. These lights are a great deal because they’re made of strong brass and should last a long time. I even installed them in 4-inch pipes for extra protection.”

5 Star “The lamps are quality lamps that are very well made and that includes the provided ground stake. Good value for your money and I would purchase these again.”

5 Star “High quality and easy to install if you have electrical knowledge. Product comes with no wiring instructions. Looks and works great.”

1 Star “I was installed by a professional landscape lighting company and it only worked or about 2 months. It’s a bad/ cheap fixture.”

5 Star “I think these light housings are great. They’re really strong, and they cost less than half of the name-brand lights that are also made in China. The reason I gave it 4 stars for installation is because the double ring seal makes it a bit harder than it should be to take off the cover, replace the bulb, and put the cover back on.”

5 Star “I get these to replace my old outdoor lights when I need to. They’re cheaper than what I’ve seen in lighting stores. They stay working for a long time and they look really nice.”

5 Star ” These are exceptional value for the money (~$34.00 per fixture Vs. $110.00 per competitor’s fixture); live on the saltwater and must have brass fixtures. Easily to install, replaceable LED lamps AND fixture installation is a breeze (require 12V DC power supply).”

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