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Lilicloth Review

About Lilicloth

As per the Lilicloth, it’s an international online clothing brand which targets North America, Europe, Australia along with more than 40 countries worldwide. They claim to provide high quality products which follows the latest trend at very cheap and affordable cost.

It was started in September 2019 and doesn’t actually reveal where they are location in real. There’s very few information are available at their about page. However below we have provided their social media handles.

Want to know more about Lilicloth?

You can start with their about page, can checkout their social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also contact them here.

Overview of Lilicloth

” is not a reliable online store to shop from. It is an untrustworthy online store and not recommended by us. ” ( full review )

” Whether you are looking for a Halloween dress or a Christmas party-wear dress, Lilicloth has catered all sorts of apparels in its fashion line. You’ll easily find floral, cheetah, leopard, polka dots, and tie-dye prints in the casual outfits. ” ( full review )

” From the overall analysis of the clothing brand, we can say that Lilicloth is reliable. Lots of customers have trusted it to buy their stylish clothing and accessories. Moreover, they have felt thankful for the good graphic quality and vibrant color. ” ( full review )

” Once you visit the website you will find multiple payment modes, which is a good point. You will find limited information on the “About Us” section of the site, making it doubtful about the true background of Lilicloth. ” ( full review )

” It has a 15days’ return policy. However, the users have complained that the website does not accept the refund of expensive products. ” ( full review )

” The simplest answer is yes, Lilicloth is legitimate. With its fastest, responsive and active customer services many have enjoyed the products of this brand at their doorstep. The buyers of Lilicloth have widely appreciated the material quality and its customer services. ” ( full review )

Lilicloth Reviews

When we have done some research about this clothing brand then we have found about 800 reviews with 2.2 poor ratings on Trustpilot. And out of those reviews, 88% reviews were negative and we’re placing some of those recent reviews below so that you could have the idea about issues people were facing.

Lilicloth Reviews

1 Star ” I ordered a $24 sweatshirt for my wife and paid an additional $10.95 for delivery in 10 days. 18 days later I received a t-shirt in a package labeled SWeatshirt that did not say what I ordered. When I tracked the package, I discovered they took 6 days to fill the order. Perhaps it took 6 days for the order to arrive from China and perhaps the Chinese consider a long-sleeve t-shirt a sweatshirt. ” – Chuck Starks

1 Star ” I ordered a shirt for my wife on January 25 and three weeks later it hasn’t even shipped. Every time I inquired about my item they would push the shipment date out further and further. I order a similar item from Esty 2 days ago and it shipped this morning. ” – C Hensley

1 Star ” I received my purchase to find that all of the shirts in my order are too small. Nowhere on their website is there a notice of their product running small (XL looks to be equivalent to an M). Fabric is very thin. I contacted Lilicloth about this, they did not respond the first time ( I gave them almost a week), but did respond a second time, asked for pictures (which were in first message). I got a response back, telling me I must send back at my own expense (to China, even though website shows address in UK), or I could accept a 15% refund, not worthit as I am unable to use the product I paid for. I am very unhappy with how this was handled. All they needed to do is share with the customers that their sizes run small on the website, and all of this frustration could have been avoided. Now I have to figure out what to do from here, as it makes no sense to ship to China, and hope they will be nice enough to give a refund, and the 15% refund is an insult. If they decide they don’t want to, I will be out the cost of shipping as well. ” – Joseph

1 Star ” Sent me shirts not as advertised. Then even with pictures to show them I was told they would give me a 15% refund or I would have to ship all of the shirts back to China. How much money they make scamming all of us with this. BEWARE. PayPal told me since they offered a refund after I paid for China return they could do nothing. ” – Sabrina spellman

1 Star ” I am disappointed despite measuring carefully according to the on line size chart the eight items purchased were to small. The returns cost me $68.00 on a $212.00 purchase which I found really annoying considering the sizing was not correct. Would not recommend the company to anybody. ” – Joyce Williams

Is Lilicloth Legit?

When you’re about to make your decision about whether to buy or not, you must have got this question in your mind that is lilicloth legitimate? Right? So to help you take your wise decision, we always try our best.

It actually looks suspicious to us because of some reasons. When looking at the Trustpilot reviews about lilicloth, there’s around 800 reviews with overall rating of 2.2 which is very poor. Also the trustpilot is showing a warning like ” Warning! We’ve detected misuse on this page. We’ve detected a number of fake reviews for this company. Don’t worry, we’ve removed them.”

Lilicloth Reviews

So after the fake reviews got removed, the page left with huge number of negative reviews. Whereas when looking at Sitejabber reviews, we found 32K 5 star positive reviews out of 55K total reviews.

Lilicloth Reviews

At Sitejabber, those 4 and 5 star reviews seems fake to us because when Sitejabber has huge number of positive reviews then why doesn’t the trustpilot has such huge number of positive reviews? Is it necessary that the customers will only leave reviews at Sitejabber and wouldn’t leave on trustpilot?

Trustpilot actually has removed all the fake reviews and that’s why Sitejabber has only showing huge positive reviews. And there were so many negative reviews over the internet like on Quora and other sites.

So we doesn’t find lilicloth to be legitimate clothing brand.

Is Lilicloth Worth It?

Lilicloth claims to provide quality products at cheap prices. But there were so many customers complaining about the product quality, their worst experience while getting the refund and many other issues.

Also we doesn’t found Lilicloth to be a legitimate clothing brand as described above so definitely it’s better to stay away from them and look for something better and trusted.

Where to Buy Lilicloth?

At this point, we believe that you should completely avoid buying anything from this brand and should look for something better instead. We have some hand picked product suggestions for you below.

Lilicloth Promo Codes & Discount Coupon

Amazon Product Suggestions


How long does it take to get a Lilicloth order?

Honestly, you could have horrible shipping experience like so many customers had. However you can check their shipping policy and return policy as well.

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  1. I did not find out it shipped from china till it shipped, their 2xl is a tight xl and after the first was it started fraying NEVER AGAIN

    1. This is a no-good company, headquartered in China, that puts out pure junk! I had ordered a shirt as a gift but found I would not give it to her puppy. Pure crap. Don’t buy from them and don t fall for their promises,

  2. Live & learn….get what you pay for. Shirt was cheaper than shipping, thank god. Was NOT what was pictured at all, but for the $, I’ll wear it and hope it doesn’t shrink/fall apart. Do NOT have the time to hassle with the refund/return wars.

  3. I purchased 3 t-shirts for Christmas gifts that I did not receive until January 3rd. The shirts were supposed to be a 3X but did not match a men’s size small T-shirt here. I had a difficult time contacting them to get a response & have a return label sent to me. They did insult me by offering to give me 15% of my purchase price NOT to return, and you have 15 days after receiving your order to return it. Their free shipping cost me an additional $19 in “Customs Fees” and the return cost me another $29 for the same. It’s now more than 5 months since returning the items and I have not received a response to any of my emails nor have I received my money back. I would like to see this company put out of business for unethical practices!

  4. I have ordered before without realizing they don’t do exchanges or refunds. The most recent order was too large, I requested an exchange, was told I could return it to the China address they would provide and I may or may not receive a partial refund or I could send to another address and receive 15% of what I paid for it but could not exchange. I told them I would donate it to a charity and to remove me from all their lists! Not legit in my opinion.

  5. Still waiting for my sweatshirt With the writing Im not retired Im a professional grandma Is there a phone number for me to call

  6. Buy elsewhere…Lilicloth is a rip-off. If you do order, make sure you order 1 size up from your normal size as there products run “small” and the t-shirts are very thin with real short sleeve lenghts. Goofy looking! They offer a refund for whatever reason as long as it is within 15 days of receipt. They ask you to email them for a “return shipping label” which you do not get and in lieu they offer you a 15% refund on your purchase price instead of permitting you to return the merchandise. Do the math, you order a $19 t-shirt and pay roughly $11 shipping for a total of $30. They prefer you accept the 15% which equates to a WHOPPING $4.50, WOW…what a deal that is for you.

  7. There is a disturbing trend of many online clothing sites often, but not always, with provocative, tasteless and crude slogans or phrases and they are usually made in China. Whether it is an orchestrated to devalue and degrade culture in the U.S. or another business with low quality products to maximize profits or both. Unlike brick and mortar stores where you can evaluate a product’s quality, online buying is buying in the dark compounded by unreliable business ethics.

  8. Have been trying to send a message to them regarding an order I was billed for and didn’t receive. Have not been able to get a message thru to them. Something is not right!

  9. Just received the two ( 2 ) T -d
    shirts I ordered about 2 weeks ago. Opened the package and was VERY disappointed. ALL of their ads ” appear ” to show normal looking, I presumed cotton shirts, with fun sayings on them. The says are the correct, BUT the quality of the shirt is crap. The label says 100% cotton, but I think what I got was Chinese recycled plastic bottles. At best it is nylon. Will NEVER do business with them again. Also, grossly overpriced for what you get

  10. i ordered 2sweatshirts on 11/17/2022 totaling 58.97 IHVVE NOT RECIEVED OR HAD ANY NOTIFICATIONS about this order .order numbers HBKQD00764147 AND SUB-ORDER2868297. PLEASE RESPOND.

  11. Do not buy from this company! On November 30th I placed an early order. Here it is December 9th. I contacted then to find out where my items were. They said, unfortunately your order is delayed. this birthday gift passed it’s deadline. So sad!!!

  12. I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered. The website said I would get my order no later than December 20th which I was fine with as I didn’t need everything til December 21st. Then I started tracking the order and 2 of 5 pieces shipped and won’t arrive til after December 22nd. So I reached out to them of course via chat cause supposedly you can’t talk to anyone. Got a smart ass rep named Acho. When I asked when the order would ship, reply was I don’t know. When I asked if the shipped items could arrive early reply was no. So I said to cancel the whole order including the shipped items. Reply can’t they have shipped. I said recall the order. Reply can’t. I was a supervisor for over 22 years in a call center and believe me there is always something you can do for the customer. When I asked for a phone number to the corporate office. Reply there isn’t one. The company stinks.

  13. I purchased two shirts for my fiance two months ago and they still have not shipped i asked for a refund and they keep making excuses. i will be reporting them to the BBB.

  14. I to am waiting on three shirts I ordered in nov. for Christmas gifts. I ordered 4 and received one on Jan 2, but could not give it as a gift as it was way to large and very poor quality! Before reading these reviews I went ahead and ordered another in a smaller size could not get a return slip as they said and offered me 40% on my order not to return it. I’ll wait a reasonable time for shirts and refund if they do not show up I will take leg

  15. Their “Contact Us” page on their website gives their address as:

    Guangzhou Jiadi Clothing Co., Ltd.

    Room C679, 2nd Floor, Unit 2, Building 2, No. 24, Jishanxin Road Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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