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lumeye reviews

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Lumeye Reviews

2 Star “the contacts move, they are too large, they claim they are for dark eyes as well but 2 of the 3 pairs I ordered barely show on my brown eyes. they make my eyes feel heavy. the colors are very pixelated on the “fairy” line. all in all- not worth the money I spent on them unfortunately 😕

5 Star “Delivered on time. Friendly service. Well protected parcel. Left parcel in a safe place.”

5 Star “They are excellent, very comfy and pretty. They a bit more green than I expected, but still perfect. I’ll be using for Venti and Deku cosplay.”

5 Star “As someone with dark brown eyes, the color on these shows up SUPER well, and it makes your irises a little wider for a cute circle lens effect! I was expecting them to come in a case, but they came in jars, which was okay too.”

5 Star “I’ve bought from Lumeye three times now, and they always make me happy! These contacts are a bit bigger than the ones I’ve gotten before, but that’s okay because they still look cute! The only thing I didn’t like is that it took a whole month for them to arrive. But besides that, I really love these contacts, and I plan to buy more.”

5 Star “They were super comfortable and a perfect match for my cosplay of Noe Archiviste from the Case Study of Vanitas! I definitely recommend these contacts and other cosplay contacts for any cosplayers or anyone who loves adding a bit of pop to their fashion!”

4 Star “The lens color isn’t as strong as it looked in the pictures. It’s more muted and simpler. The mix of pink and yellow doesn’t show up well on my brown/green eyes; it makes them seem more brown. It looks more natural that way. But I really like the cute little stars on the lenses. The lens itself is very thin and feels comfortable. I also had my prescription added, so it’s super handy to be able to see without glasses even though the lenses have colors. It’s really great.”

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