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Rosewe Review

About Rosewe

If you’re looking to buy stylish and beautiful clothing at greatly discounted prices then you’ve must heard about rosewe clothing brand. Right? It’s an online clothing store which was launched in 2009.

Rosewe are targeting the audience of 18-35 women’s wear market and selling their products globally. From this online store, you can purchase several dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and accessories. That’s all we found about this online clothing brand at their website’s about page.

However through our research, we found that this online clothing brand operates from China and they hadn’t mentioned it in their about page.

Want to know more about Rosewe?

You can start with their about page, can checkout their social media accounts at Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

You can also visit their blog or contact them here.

Overview of Rosewe

” Their website lists an address in Shanghai, China as their primary place of business, though they are careful to note that this is not the return address. (Shoppers will only receive a return address once their return request has been approved.) ” ( source )

” Because Rosewe’s location is in China, shoppers can expect drastic differences in customer support availability. Rosewe customer service is available from 9 PM-11:30 PM and 1 AM-6AM Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Thursday. ” ( source )

” Rosewe advertises themselves as a one stop fashion portal for budget conscious fashionistas. The company was launched in 2009 by a Chinese organization named ShenZhen Global Egrow E-commerce Co. ” ( source )

” According to Rosewe reviews, customers must pay the return shipping cost back to China—which is often more expensive than the item itself—or accept a 50 percent refund from Rosewe customer service and keep the unwanted item. ” ( source )

” When listing Rosewe complaints with Pissed Consumer, users have the option to enter the total amount of money that they lost by shopping through Rosewe, either due to the inability to make a return on Rosewe or ineligibility for a full refund.

As reported by website users, the average loss is $177, with over $55,600 claimed total losses from all users. ” ( source )

” A few of the most common complaints we see most often are the low-quality clothing and material, delays with shipping that can take 3-4 weeks and longer for some, and poor customer service. ” ( source )

” The vast majority of Rosewe complaints on TrustPilot deal with overall product quality, with shoppers commenting on poor stitching and flimsy fabric. ” ( source )

” Even though the site says they have a 30-days “easy” return/exchange, doing returns and getting refunds at Rosewe is not at all easy according to multiple reviewers.

With Rosewe reviews detailing issues with customer service, shipping, Rosewe returns, and the overall poor quality of Rosewe clothing, many shoppers are calling a scam.” ( source )

” Just make sure the order is exactly the way you got it. You’ll have to ship back at your own expense though. Your return ticket should have the return shipping address. It can take up to 10 days to get your money back in case you ask for a refund. ” ( source )

Rosewe Reviews

While doing the research for this clothing brand, we had found several negative reviews and complaints from so many customers who bought clothing from this website.

At Trust Mamma, we have found almost equal 5 star positive reviews and 1 star negative reviews from which most of the 5 star positive reviews seems fake to us. Similarly at Sitejabber, there was not so big difference in 5 star positive reviews and 1 star negative reviews. There was about 1100+ negative 1 star reviews and 1900+ 5 star positive reviews. You will find so many fake positive reviews for this clothing brand.

From so many negative reviews and complaints, we are putting some of them below so that you can take wise decision before making your purchase from this brand.

Rosewe Review

1 Star ” This is an update on my last review since a month ago. I have still not received my money from Rosewe. It’s been going on 2 months now. Every time I talk to them (‘Lydia’, ‘Kushi’ all the same person they just change the name in chat) each time they tell me something different and promise a refund. Scam company from China. Before you buy from them read all the reviews from people who have never received their orders and never received refunds. ” – Marta

2 Star ” I ordered a dress but it was too small, I wanted to exchange for a larger size but to ship it to the USA with tracking would cost me approx £20 the dress was £28 so I will not be returning it or ordering again which is a shame as I really liked the dress. My order number is RR2201311709147073 ” – Donna

1 Star ” All I can say is buy from these people at your own peril!

You place order and whilst on route they email you asking for a review and trying bribing you with pathetic discount voucher $5 (before goods arrive) EMAIL said ….”accept greetings from Rosewe.
We tracked the order RR2111161720193727 and found it’s already delivered. We suppose that you have received the products already, so would you like to leave a comment on products you purchased, to help other customers know better about the products or service. We are super keen to hear if our products have met your needs, how you found the delivery/returns services and how our customer service team handled your recent enquiry. To express our heartfelt thanks, up to 120 points will be rewarded after posting a review. What’s more, you can get a $5 coupon when you upload pictures! WRITE REVIEWS NOW!”

The clothes are poor quality, and then if you try to return them, they don’t let you return any item that is sale priced, even if you are sent what I will refer to poor quality tat ( so not as described). The items you can return are at your own cost and to the US, that is fine but they don’t give you a proper company address to send them to. I was sent this Return Address: 371 Little Falls Rd #4, Cedar Grove, NJ, 07009, USA
RMA number: R105481771, please write RMA outside the package.

I returned £35.00 of goods (rest of goods went to charity ) and I spent £20.85 sending the back and supplied the tracking, but goods supposedly never arrived and all they do is tell you to contact the post office. Well clearly I can’t do that easily when they arrived in the US and went missing. I’ve had to raise a complaint for Royalmail to contact US postal service which takes 60 days to investigate.

Now Rosewe are emailing me telling me to close the ticket. Well no refund, so I’m not closing the ticket.

15/2/22 Rosewe sent an email asking me if acceptable to be given half the refund. I’ve also had 2 others messages telling me again to talk to local post office as to why goods weren’t received. I think we know the answer, no return label and some dodgy address! ” – Mrs MC

2 Star ” Bathing suit arrived and ran incredibly small. The bottom was cute but the top was extremely cheaply made. I went to their website to try to find an easy way to return and it was next to impossible. I would have to pay $10 to ship the item back to get a bigger size and it was so cheaply made, it is not worth me paying for shipping in order to return. I won’t be ordering from them again. ” – JM Charlotte

2 Star ” I really wanted to give them a nice review but I decided not to because I bought an off shoulder blouse that was too tight so I exchanged the larger for XL, Paid $9.99 for an exchange just to get the same Large in an XL package. And customer service is awful. And that’s If you can get through because they will tell you that your e-mail don’t exist I do not appreciate Rosewe business practices. ” – YoJo

1 Star ” Buyers Beware!! The clothes are marked up not worth the price. The sizing scale is off and the clothes have an odor to them. As far as a refund they use your refund money to return their clothes at $9.99 per item. So, Rosewe is getting paid on both ends of the transactions. Spending money on what you think is free shipping. Personally don’t do business with Rosewe!! Don’t waste your money or time ordering from this company!! ” – Maggy

Is Rosewe Legit?

We often think a lot before making our purchase from several online stores because of scams getting normal nowadays. And If you’re planning to buy something from rosewe store then definitely you may want to know that is rosewe legit?

So from our point of view, we doesn’t find rosewe as a legit clothing brand because of several reasons. We had found numerous customers complaining about the quality they received, their worst experiences with them and so on.

Also the Rosewe store doesn’t have enough information about them on their website’s about page. So how can someone be legitimate when they can’t even tell enough about themselves.

Is Rosewe Worth It?

Buying something from rosewe is definitely not worth it. We have found several clothing brands like Lilicloth, Modlily, Rosewe etc belongs to China and doesn’t even provide quality products along with good customer service.

There are numerous customers who had complained about these clothing brands that these online clothing brands advertise falsely and uses fake images on their website. Customers had complained about receiving products which aren’t even close to what they have seen in pictures while placing their order.

And when they tried returning the products to get the refund, they had to ship those ugly products back to China by paying the shipping fees by themselves which is often more than the product price.

So It’s a complete waste of money and you should definitely avoid such scam clothing brands.

Where to Buy Rosewe?

After finding huge number of negative reviews about the rosewe clothing brand, we would never recommend you to buy anything from them. It’s always better to look for alternatives and we had some hand picked options available for you below.

Rosewe Promo Codes & Discount Coupon

Amazon Product Suggestions.


Is Rosewe a Chinese company?

Yes, Rosewe is a Chinese clothing brand which is a scam and lots of customers have complained about them.

Is Rosewe com a reputable website?

No, they aren’t. So many buyers had complained about their poor quality products, worst customer service and horrible return or refund policy.

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  1. Poor stitching, cheap material. It’s obvious to me that these clothes are “made to order.” Yep, they take cheap material and sew a front and back together. Use black and white models for advertising purposes just to lure you in, when these sewn together items all come from China. More than likely, someone’s basement. I haven’t had any issues with their swimsuits other than the fact that they take too long to arrive.

    1. most of those design is stolen from me (here in the US). I know my design. it from sketches done 30 years ago that I never done. stolen art WOW CLFOSTER

      1. my style my design stolen. from 30 to 40 years smart to make like they came from China all those years made me poor and robin me

  2. I haven’t had a chance to show you the proof that designs and style being used is stolen. I haven’t got back to my portfolio and sketch book are. if there still but I have showed who know my designee and they agree.

  3. I’m so sure I’ve been scammed. I placed a $111.00 order in January and have not seen or heard anything about the order. Tried to contact customer service but there is no contact number

  4. Very disappointed! I ordered since 3/2 and have yet to receive my things. Couldn’t contact anyone. Jeannette!

  5. They take a long time to ship your order. Only purchase from them when the need for the product is at a far future date. I hate to order from ROSEWE.

  6. I am still waiting on my order I purchase 2 dress outfits on October 31 2023 and have not received my order yet as of today is November 29 2023. I email the company and at first on the 15th of November was told that they was waiting for order from warehouse and wait about 3-5 days. Well on the 22 of November I sent another email asking were is my order and they email me back saying that order had come and they checking it out to make sure it was right and that they are shipping it out. Well I email them again and asked were was my order no response from them I call Klarna and told them about this and they are going to put an hold on my payments and is checking what the problem is I sent another email today and no response from them. Beware This is a Big Scam

  7. Rosewe may be good for some, but heaven help you is the clothing do not fit! First of all, they post a subjective indemnification which states, they will not return or exchange items “not meeting the condition”. So, let me clarify that. I order some clothing items from this company (3 dresses). I tried on ONE of the dresses and determined that couple of them were too large for me based on how the one fit and the other was made just like it. But kept one which was not made like the others. So, I returned the items that did not fit and requested an exchange for a small size. I waited and waited to receive the exchanges (about 6 weeks). When I did not hear from them (even by email), I went to their website to see if they had received the returns. They had. But stated concerning the order that the returns did not meet the conditions for an exchange or a refund. As I stated above, the term was subjective. I had not even “Worn” the items. I tried on ONE dress on to see how it fit and did not even try ON the other. So, how did they not “Meet the condition”. I had never WORN them. After an extensive conversation posing this very question to them, they conceded to send the exchanges if I paid another $9.99 for them to send them. Subsequently, I decided to just request a refund with the intent not to deal with them again. The agreed to the refund if I paid, still, another $9.99 for them to just process the refund, which they would take out of the refund balance. My total purchase amount for my order was $107 (and some change). I could spent this in another credit company and saved myself the grief. This company is in China. You don’t know HOW they are going to deal with you. I say to you, “Buyer Beware!”

  8. I ordered a dress size medium they sent a size large but on the package it says medium with the dress tag says large so I chatted with them so they wanted me to take pictures to send them well I couldn’t get that to work so I ended up sitting the dress back so now they want me to pay to get my dress back when it was their mistake I’m still waiting and it’s a month so I may have to chop this up as a loss I asked him to put the money back all my cards they say it their customer service people is out and won’t be back until the 18th of February wish me luck

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