True Classic Tees Review

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True Classic Tees Review

About True Classic Tees

True Classic Tees was founded by Ryan Bartlett, Nick Ventura and Matt Winnick in May 2019 with a goal of providing value to the customers and the community. As per them, value can be in the form of top notch customer service, high quality product, entertaining ads that make people laugh.

Ryan Bartlett belongs to a military background family and his parents and grand parents took part directly WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf war, and more. They have partnered with Tiny House Project and donating 15000+ shirts a month to the homeless shelters, schools & local communities in need.

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Overview of True Classic Tees

” True Classic breaks down their fabric make in actual numbers. Their tees are made with a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend that offers the preferred softness as well as the durability required in a premium tee. ” ( full review )

” I’ve been really impressed with the fit and feel of my True Classic Tees and I’m happy to support the company because they have such an extensive giving back program. They partner with the Tiny House Project to provide housing for veterans, and they also donate an average of 15,000+ shirts per month to homeless shelters in the Los Angeles area. ” ( full review )

” For starters, True Classic Tees has exploded on the scene in the last few months and is quickly gaining market share in record time since launching in late 2019. ” ( full review )

” The quality of these shirts exceeds expectations as well because they aren’t cheap material at all but feel soft against your skin without being clingy which makes wearing them very enjoyable. We were also excited by how long-lasting these shirts were, considering how affordable they are. ” ( full review )

” the True Classic t-shirts were a little more uncomfortable and tight around the middle feeling than Fresh Clean Tees. True Classic shirts also skew a little shorter than the Fresh Cleans, increasing the risk that your beer belly might end up hanging out if you stand on a ladder to change a light bulb. ” ( full review )

” the one member of the TMB team who has abs felt like the True Classic t-shirt fit him a little better than the Fresh Clean Tee. our True Classic tees feel like they’ve shrunk a little bit after being washed and, in a couple of cases, there’s a dangling thread or two. ” ( full review )

” True Classic says they will get your order out within 2-3 business days. They use both USPS and FedEx, which offer a delivery time between 2-8 days, depending on which company delivers. They offer free shipping for any order over $100. ” ( full review )

” True Classic, on the other hand, responded on average of 1.5 hours via email and like Fresh Clean, they were active on social media, offering solutions to any issue that would arise. ” ( full review )

” Another highlight for me was that the ring-spun cotton and jersey polyester used in the t-shirts also does not shrink when placed in the dryer and the tagless design also means no irritating neck scratch which is important after a 14 hour day wearing these bad boys. ” ( full review )

” The True Classic Tees allow a bit more room in the torso, so they’re my top recommendation for guys with dad bod. ” ( full review )

What True Classic Offers?

True Classic Tees Review
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True Classic Tees Reviews

5 Stars ” The customer service at this company is second to none. Great product, and even better customer service. Will continue to purchase from them. ” – Spenser Kennedy

5 Stars ” Amazing and prompt customer service. I had ordered a wrong size and the customer service personnel was very prompt in initiating a return through happy returns and immediately after the return a new order was kicked off. There was continuous follow up throughout this process. I would give 10 Stars for the overall experience. ” – Sivram Iyer

5 Stars ” This was the best customer service I’ve received in a very long time. They were quick to respond and very accommodating. I was very impressed! ” – Tyler DuBose

5 Stars ” Really impressed with True Classic !!!

In my opinion, they absolutely do what they say and stand behind their product! I feel the quality is extremely good and their customer service is as good as I’ve found in an online company. I’ve ordered multiple times, had ONE issue with ONE shirt and it was resolved within a day !!! GREAT support.

One comment, if you use their sizing guide and you’re REALLY close to the larger size, GO LARGER! The fit is even better!

I’m really happy I took the chance with True Classic and will be a customer from here on out! ” – Tim Causgrove

5 Stars ” I ordered a package of shirts online trying to make an educated guess on sizing and the ones I ordered were too small. I left a review not expecting to ever hear from anyone but surprisingly got an email the next day offering to ship one shirt out to try on at no cost to me. Got the shirt quickly, it fit better, they sent out the other two and a return label and with very little effort to the customer made the whole experience night and day different! ” – Matthew Millet

2 Stars ” I love the way these shirts fit & feel out of the bag. They look great, and definitely fit my style.

However, these shirts simply do not hold up. After a few washes, these shirts quickly start to wear with balling up in the material & serious thinning. This takes away the smooth look to the shirt, and makes it feel like it’s not durable & cheap. I contacted True Classic about this issue, they sent me a few replacement shirts… one of the three hasn’t started this horrible wear & tear issue yet. The other two BRAND NEW shirts, started showing quality issues upon the third wash.

I’m deeply upset, as these shirts aren’t cheap. They’re not overpriced, unless you consider the quality and durability. The fit is great, but if you plan to have these shirts for more than 3 or 4 washes, expect that they will start falling apart.

I’m hoping this review gets attention from True Classic as my follow up email got no response. ” – D Review

2 Stars ” The fit of the tshirt is great but these are cheap quality especially for the price. My threading is already unraveling after wearing them 3 times so I’m assuming the fit won’t last very long. Honestly I’d buy any other cotton tshirt before these and that bums me out cause I wanted to like them. ” – Josh Ditthardt

2 Stars ” Despite using their size chart shirts do not fit as advertised. Very thin material and tight around the mid section. ” – Rob Riedel

1 Star ” Shirts fit well out of the package, but are very thin. Washed and hang dried and the shirts immediately shrunk just from being washed. Dried 1 shirt in the dryer and it shrunk 2 sizes. Don’t waste your money. ” – Sean Marrotta

5 Stars ” I had some large shirts that seemed to Shri k too much. After discussion with customer service professional, Angela, we discovered it could be improper washing or maybe just the wrong fit for me.she was awesome to replace my shirts with large long version to see if that would be better. I am so pleased. Good Customer service is so rare these days. ” – Guest Shopper 29547

4 Stars ” I bought some tees that I could use for daily walks. These are comfortable ones. I will definitely order some more of these soon. ” – Mark T.

5 Stars ” I reached out to True Classic on Facebook just to get some ideas about whether I’d washed my medium tees correctly (they all shrunk significantly). I had no expectation that I’d get refunded or get new shirts, but the company sent me the same three-pack I’d ordered in a larger size to see if that might fit me better, as well as washing instructions to ensure they don’t shrink. Very impressed! I will continue to buy T-shirts from True Classic. ” – Zac Watts

5 Stars ” I ordered 3 different sets of shirts, washed them and they just didnt fit comfortably. Arms were too tight and they shrunk upward. It is football season so I am a bit more fluffy. I reached out to them and because I washed them they wont take them back. So instead they are sending me a replacement of all 18 shirts. In a larger size for free!!! So I am guaranteed to like their product. WOW. ” – DH

5 Stars ” My shirts shrunk because I didnt know I had to hang dry them but they reached out to me and replaced my entire order! Some of the best customer service I’ve had, real people, too. Also, best shirts I’ve worn, just hang dry them ‘ – GillClinton

5 Stars ” This was my third time purchasing true classic shirts. The quality is amazing and the shirts are very soft and comfortable. First few order I was having some shrinkage with the shirts. I wear a size large send after a few washes there were a little short. Not unwearable but shorter than I like. I reached out to True classic and they responded very quickly with better washing instructions. Since then I have no issues with shrinking and the shirts look great after many washes. By far my favorite at shirt company. Highly recommend ” – Chris Armas

5 Stars ” Upon seeing a True Classic Ad on my facebook feed, I happened to comment that I loved the shirts but that I’d experienced that they shrunk a ton after drying. It wasn’t meant to be a complaint, simply a heads up for future purchasers to cautious when drying. Within a very short time afterwards I received a direct message from the social team looking to help to try and resolve the issue. This was great customer service, I’m satisfied with the offered resolution and will definitely be ordering again in the future! Great job! ” – Ryan Emerson

True Classic Tees Video Review

Is True Classic Legit?

If you’re worrying about the legitimacy of True Classic Tees brand then let me tell you that the brand has an overall of 4.6 ratings on Trustpilot. Out of 653 reviews, 12% reviews were rated as Average, Poor and Bad.

But 88% of reviews were rated as Excellent and Great, so definitely the true classic is trusted and legit and a lot of users found their tees comfortable, fit and of best quality.

True Classic Tees Review

Is True Classic Worth It?

True Classic Tees are definitely worth your money as they are affordable, qualitative, fits good and looks great. True classic tees are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester which makes you feel comfortable when you wear it.


Are true classic tees true to size?

Yes True Classic Tees are true to size and will give modern fit to their users. You can check the size chart here.

What are true classic tees made out of?

60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester jersey.

How much do true classic tee shirts shrink?

As per the company, drying your tee may result in about 5% shrinkage.

How should I wash my True Classic clothing?

We recommend washing, with like colors, on cold and laying flat to dry, or use a low temp dryer setting.

What is True Classic Return Policy?

They accept returns for US and Canada orders on unworn items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, with the exception of items marked as Final Sale (those Final Sale items will NOT be eligible for a return or exchange)*. Also they do not offer a return policy extension for holiday purposes.

Who owns true classic?

Ryan Bartlett – Co-Founder & CEO

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