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Modlily Review

About Modlily

As per Modlily, they were launched in 2009 but when we checked their domain name age then we found it to be registered in October 2014 and belongs to Shanghai, China. However they didn’t mentioned it in their About Page that they are from China.

Modlily is an online fashion brand which target consumers globally and claims to provide high quality products with fast delivery service. Modlily claims to provide cheap or very affordable priced products.

Want to know more about Modlily?

You can start with their about page, can checkout their social media accounts at Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

You can also contact them here.

Overview of Modlily

” As an international retailer, Modlily ships to over 200 countries and regions across the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. “

” Modlily ships from warehouses located in China and the US, with “multiple warehouses all over the world.”

” According to the company’s return policy, if you are not 100% satisfied with your items, Modlily returns can be made within 30 days of receiving your package for either an exchange or refund. ” ( full review )

” Modlily is a global online fashion boutique that prides itself on its quality and affordability. They sell on-trendy clothes and accessories from formal dresses to swimsuits to jewelry. ” ( full review )

” The women’s clothing they sell including dresses average $30 a piece, with prices going as low as $10 and as high as $50. Same goes for tops, jumpsuits and outer wear. Women’s jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and the like go for anywhere between $3 and $10, but they barely surpass the $10 mark. ” ( full review )

” According to reviews from shoppers, Modlily customer service is either extremely difficult to reach or not helpful, with many Modlily reviews stating that the company’s customer service replies seem as though they are automated. ” ( full review )

” Some are happy with their purchases while others are not. Though many customers seem happy with the quality of Modlily clothing, some have been disappointed, citing signs of wear and tear shortly after purchase. ” ( full review )

” However, you can’t return items you bought under Flash Sale, and any type of jewelry. PayPal refunds take up to 3 days to happen and Credit Card refunds take at least 20 days. ” ( full review )

” Based on complaints and reviews across the web, Modlily certainly does not appear to care about the customer’s best interests. ” ( full review )

” You’ll hardly find a happy customer, on social media or otherwise. Most of them appear to have lost money one way or another. ” ( full review )

” Shipping is unreliable, refunds are difficult (if not impossible) to get, and for many shoppers, the quality of Modlily clothing is significantly lower than expected, while others receive items that look nothing like the website’s product photo. ” ( full review )

Modlily Reviews

When it comes to help our readers take wise decision, we always be honest while reviewing any brand. With Modlily, we have found several complaints and negative reviews.

When we looked at the Sitejabber reviews, then we found almost equal number of 5 star reviews and 1 star review. How can it be possible? Only when there are fake reviews. Right? We’re damn sure that these were fake 5 star reviews and majority of them were negative reviews of 1 star.

Modlily Reviews

Even Trustpilot has so many fake reviews of Modlily and we are placing some of the recent and genuine reviews below.

1 Star ” What’s with all the five star reviews mentioning specific employees of this company by name? Did employees write these? How often does anyone remember the name of a call center rep? How often do you get given a name in these situations? When you ask for a name most employees will say ” I don’t have to give you my name” why is their name needed when ordering or returning clothes? Yet nearly all the whopping five star reviews mention someones name.

I look on trustpilot to see if a companies bad. If I give a good review I don’t go to trustpilot to leave it because I didn’t do business with trustpilot.

I’m disappointed having read the bad reviews. I thought the swimsuits looked really nice, but if you click on ” one star” reviews above you will see customers have stated that items are of poor quality, returns are costly, double postage if you exchange, bad communication, non receipt of items or refunds.

They are based in China but returns are apparently somewhere else. Postage outside your country can be high. Also your idea of poor quality might not be someone else’s.

If anyone has not received a refund for items or even postage you can contact your bank and they will take all monies back from this company. ” – Dee

1 Star ” Second time I have purchased from Modilily and I was very disappointed with the quality and workmanship of a swimsuit top. Saw I could do a return for a refund and understood I would need to obtain an RTA and address of return and pay postage of return.

Well that is where things went pear shape as the cost of returning an item that is faulty etc and weighs less than 400g was going to be about $34AU – address is in USA and Modilily requests track parcels – I prefer that option too but why would I pay $34 to send back an item that cost $47?

They need to have a warehouse here in Australia for returns. So I’m stuck with a poor quality item – thanks for nothing Modilily ” – Cheryl Durston

1 Star ” Took a long time to arrive with no tracking. Only thing I’ve got online and now I’ve got hackers attacking my bank account afterwards. Bank said it was obtained through online shopping. Since I’ve shopped nowhere else they’re obviously letting hackers in. India, Argentina are two places. I’m now negative in my account and unable to buy food. ” – Lee Ritchie

1 Star ” I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN. Not only did it take over 2 months to get what I ordered but the clothes were cheaply made. I had to send 2 of the shirts back because they were way too big. I asked for an exchange on one and a refund on the other. OK. Not to bad until they asked me to pay for the shipping of the items that were being sent back to me. Needless to say I was out 1 shirt and the money but then they wanted more money to have the item shipped back. NO I DON’T THINK SO. The clothes are not that great that I would be willing to pay to have it sent back to me. NEVER NEVER AGAIN. Find somewhere else to buy from ” – Monica Loudermilk

1 Star ” Had an order returned to sender due to an address issue. Tried to correct that address but Modlily only uses an on line customer service. No way to talk to a person. Their reply to our attempt to correct the address was useless. It was as if Modlily did not even understand the issue, or even read the communication that was sent. I will stay away from this company due to its terrible customer service. ” – Jim

1 Star ” I bought a bathing suit and it was way to small, the material was good but way to small for a 2x it should have been labeled a Large. I tried to return the item but they say customer has to pay the shipping and when I looked it up the shipping costs the same as the bathing suit which I feel is unfair, especially when you are a first time buyer and want to make sure the size is right. Not happy Will never purchase again ” – Deanna Gilson

Even the Trust Mamma has way more 1 star negative reviews than 5 star fake or paid positive reviews. So It’s a clear No to this company from our side.

Modlily Reviews

Is Modlily Legit?

When looking at the legitimacy of Modlily, It doesn’t appear to be legitimate to us because of having lots of negative reviews over the internet as comparison to the positive ones.

A lot of buyers are having issues with their shipping, difficult to get refunds and many customers have reported to received the lower quality and the product doesn’t appear the same as shown in the product images.

Is Modlily Worth It?

Modlily seems to sell products at cheap or affordable prices and whether the Modlily is worth buying or not, totally depends on you. It’s like taking a risk of your money.

If you find something useful for you in a very low price and you can take risk then it could be worth trying. Otherwise many customers have complained about the product quality and also the worst experiences they got while getting the refund or processing the returns.

Where to Buy Modlily?

We would never want our readers to get scammed and that’s why we always believe in giving right advice to our readers. You should definitely avoid this brand and instead look for something else. We have some hand picked product suggestions for you below.

Modlily Promo Codes & Discount Coupon


Is Modlily based in the US?

Modlily is a Chinese company and ships from warehouses located in China and the US.

Is Modlily a good company?

No, You should definitely avoid buying from Modlily.

Is Modlily an Australian company?

No, It’s a Chinese company targeting customers globally.

What is Modlily Return Policy?

As per Modlily, If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the item.

What is Modlily Shipping Policy?

A lot of customers had horrible shipping experiences, still you can check their shipping details here.

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  1. I ordered items for Christmas when I started seeing their ad on Facebook back in late October. I thought this was a good idea because shipping delays from Black Friday orders have burnt me in the past for Christmas delivery. Unfortunately, one item didn’t fit the person I bought it for and another one came in the WRONG COLOR. Since it was over 30 days since I received the goods, they absolutely REFUSED an exchange (not even refund) EXCHANGE for the items citing the timing as their reason. I am an unsatisfied customer who is out $53.00 due to uncooperating service.

    1. Same the clothing showed was not what you received and hard to get money refunded to you. I’m out I’ve $200

  2. Please inform me how to return my two piece swim suit. It is two large and I want my money back.
    # ww2301160525312346
    I placed the order on 1/16/23 and received it 1/30/23

  3. I ordered 3 very nice tops.I received 2, was satisfied, very nice. I never received my 3. one. I paid over $76+. I hope you can help me. I don’t know what apse to do. Thank you very much.

  4. I thought i was only one having problems withmy order 5wks ago Paid with afterpay.No help there either.

  5. How do I get their email deleted from screen, all the unsubscribe areas will not let you stop them from sending unwanted emails !!!!!

  6. Very disappointed in the swim wear I purchased the top piece is not hemmed and the swim bottoms are not lined.Wil not buy any more from them.

  7. Very disappointed in the swim wear I purchased the top piece is not hemmed and the swim bottoms are not lined.Wil not buy any more from them.

  8. I purchased swimwear and tops for a Caribbean vacation. They all fit perfectly and I was really happy with them all. I am just looking to buy more for our upcoming vacation.

  9. I can’t get a hold of anyone to return . Very dissapointed in the color very vibraint in photo. Very dull in quailty.

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