OrthoFeet Shoes Review

It looks you’ve done with your old shoes and looking to buy a new pair of shoes for yourself. Right? And we often look for quality products before buying.

As a result of which we generally look for a brand which can deliver high quality and durable product. So definitely you’re looking for the same with OrthoFeet.

Am I right or not?

So here in this article, we will provide an honest orthofeet reviews which will help you take the wise decision before making your purchase. Now let’s look onto this shoes brand called OrthoFeet.

About OrthoFeet

OrthoFeet Reviews

Talking about the OrthoFeet, It was established in 1984 by Ron Bar and his brother Michael Bar with the aim of providing shoes which are biomechanically engineered to serve ultimate comfort and relaxation to the users who are suffering from certain foot conditions or illnesses.

OrthoFeet offers orthopedic footwear for men and women which gives comfort and prevention from 17 different ailments. So If you’re experience any such pain or illness then this could be a winning opportunity for yourself.

The Orthofeet has two primary business philosophies, first one is to offer high quality, ultimate in comfort footwear to their customers. Second is to providing best possible customer service in the hope of providing ultimate satisfaction to their customers.

So In this OrthoFeet shoes review, we will checkout some of their footwear, honest customer reviews and much more so as to help you understand If this is the right choice for yourself.

OrthoFeet Overview

OrthoFeet Reviews

OrthoFeet Inc. was established in back 1984 in New Jersey. However the orthopedic shoes production was started in 2000 with several innovative comfort features in them.

The real story behind the idea of this business is way more disturbing but the Ron Bar’s motivation brought this brand to the level of success.

Ron Bar was serving as a young soldier during the Yom Kippur war of 1973 in Israel where he lost his leg in a missile hit with his tank. During all these happenings, the OrthoFeet brand was born.

After that Ron was not happy with the hassle and inaccurate traditional method of casting used for orthodics. Ron kept on struggling with his inability and discomfort for several years.

And after earning the expertise in biomedical engineering, Ron Bar and his brother Michael Bar with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering started designing insoles, foot orthodics and footwear which benefitted so many people undergoing through similar mobility issues.

In 2000, they both came up with a patented technology along with their expertise in foot biomechanics and orthotics design to produce comfortable orthopedic shoes along with combining attractive styling to support people who are suffering from 17 different ailments listed below:

  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Ball of foot pain/Metatarsalgia
  • Bunions
  • Diabetes
  • Flat feet
  • Foot pain
  • Hammer toes
  • Heel pain/spurs
  • Knee & hip pain
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Neuropathy
  • Overpronation
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Swollen feet/edema
  • Gout in foot

OrthoFeet Technology

OrthoFeet Reviews

There’s a patented technology which they are using in their orthopedic shoes. So what this technology is? As per the technology, they uses Ortho-Cushion system in which the orthotic insole of the shoes contain three layers.

The top layer provides arch support which gets improved by adding an arch booster under the orthotic insole which increases the arch support and reduces the pressure at the heel and ball of the foot.

The middle layer has a breathable feature which provides better air circulation and extra cushioning to the foot. The lower layer starts from the middle of the foot and goes up to the curve of the heel in order to provide comfort and relief to the heal pain.

In short, the orthopedic shoes built using this technology enhances comfort, softens every step you take, reduced pressure on the bottom of the foot and provides excellent support to your foot.

So In this orthofeet review, we will get into the details of some of the best selling products of this brand. OrthoFeet manufactures a wide variety of socks, insoles and shoes for both men and women with the aim of curing 17 different foot ailments which we talked about above. So without thinking much, let’s have a look at their most selling footwear among the men and women.

OrthoFeet Men’s Shoes Review

The OrthoFeet shoes brand has six collections for men where they can shop: casual, dress, sneakers/athletic, sandals, slippers, and boots. OrthoFeet shoes have so many options in the athletic and casual categories, while the other categories have some limited options. Orthofeet Shoes for men have very limited color options available, i.e., black and brown, and most of their shoes are available in suede or full-grain leather, so you have to choose from these options only.

Orthofeet shoes are made to provide comfort and support to your feet and have a lot of padding in their sole, heel, and almost everywhere needed. Lots of padding in the Orthofeet shoes help users to relieve pain and make their feet comfortable, although it makes the shoes look less streamlined. If you’re looking at OrthoFeet Shoes, you either have to choose the comfort or the aesthetics because some Orthofeet shoes look bulky and ugly.

Orthofeet Men’s Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Walking Shoes Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

These Orthofeet shoes come with a rubber sole and give you guaranteed comfort. These shoes use Orthofeet’s Ortho Cushion System, giving soft and pillow-like support to your feet, enhancing comfort, and relieving pain in the feet. The premium orthotic insoles come with arch support that helps your foot and legs to align correctly and controls overpronation while walking around.

The shoes feature a wide toe-box that gives enough room for your toes and the front part of your foot to walk long distances comfortably. The shoes have stretchable uppers that help accommodate swollen feet comfortably by providing extra space. So, if someone has swollen feet, then this OrthoFeet Shoes will be the ultimate footwear solution for them.

These Orthofeet Shoes are great for walking around, trekking on hills, exploring the city, etc. Available in three different color options, i.e., Black, grey, and no tie black, it comes in sizes 7 to 14 X-Wide.

OrthoFeet Men’s Tacoma Walking Shoes Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

The Tacoma Shoes are designed to make you walk comfortably. The built quality of these walking shoes is so good that they can also be used as running shoes. Many reviewers praised these Tacoma walking shoes and agreed that the shoes are great for running. These Tacoma Shoes feature the Ortho Cushion System and have a stretchable upper that’ll help reduce the pressure from the upper side of the foot.

The proper padding on the shoes supports your feet and keeps them comfortable for a longer time. The Tacoma shoes have a sleek and contemporary design that gives an amazing look and makes you feel good and confident.

The only drawback of these Tacoma walking shoes is that they are only available in Black and won’t have other color options. Although, you will have multiple sizing options from small, medium, wide, to extra wide.

OrthoFeet Baton Rouge Boat Shoes Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

The OrthoFeet shoes brand has many modern designs, out of which this is one of the most popular boat shoes that can give you a classy look and comfortable experience. The quality efforts of the OrthoFeet brand made it more comfortable with more padding on it than the average boat shoes.

The Baton Rouge boat shoe comes in a sand color that blends with the upper and sole parts making it look more stylish. These Baton Rouge shoes can be a perfect pair to wear on casuals that keep your feet comfortable and supported for a longer time.

The built quality of these boat shoes is so strong that it maintains its design features. If you’re looking to get one for yourself, you also have the option of deeper brown with black accents, although this model looks more attractive.

The Baton Rouge boat shoe is priced relatively the same as other orthopedic casual shoes, i.e., $109.95. You can get these boat shoes in medium (regular), wide, and extra-wide.

OrthoFeet Lincoln Center Dress Shoe Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

Lincoln Center is where people visit to see live music and opera in New York City, showing the class and elegance of the visitor. OrthoFeet has designed the Lincoln Center dress shoes to match your class and elegance.

The Lincoln Center dress shoes come with a rounded sole, and the wide toe box gives enough room to the front part of your feet, making it the most helpful thing in the dress shoes. The OrthoFeet shoe brand has kept comfort at a higher priority, due to which these dress shoes give a little different look.

People often experience foot pain when they wear shoes that don’t fit properly to their feet, so it is recommended to choose this wider fit shoe that can provide you the relief you need the most. According to a study, 63 to 72% of people wear shoes that don’t fit their feet and cause severe pain in the foot.

If you’re wondering that, could you really wear Lincoln Center dress shoes at Lincoln Center? Then, let me tell you that it’s a prominent place that could keep you engaged for many hours.

While spending many hours at Lincoln Center, your feet could get extremely uncomfortable, and that’s where OrthoFeet’s Lincoln Center dress shoes will give comfort and relief to your feet. The Lincoln Center shoes having Ortho Cushion System will cost $109.95 and can be available in many different sizes.

OrthoFeet Women’s Shoes Review

The OrthoFeet shoes brand has a massive collection of shoes for women also. You can browse shoes for women in eight different categories that offer a wide variety of footwear. The women’s footwear collections include casual, sneakers/athletic, sandals, boots, dresses, heels/pumps, slippers, etc.

The OrthoFeet’s Women Footwear collection also features their patented Ortho Cushioning system and leather and synthetic models. So let’s move further in this OrthoFeet review to look at some of its best-selling footwear for women.

OrthoFeet Verona Sandals Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

The OrthoFeet shoes brand has many comfortable sandals for women. The Verona Sandals are one of those comfortable walking sandals that come with a pewter metallic finish and give a feminine glitter to the women. To keep the support and comfort at a higher priority, the brand has given proper padding around the heels and upper portion of the sole.

This stylish sandal can be worn anywhere anytime, whether it’s a function or you’re on a walk. The Verona Sandals are made for a summer walk or comfortably travel to a new city.

Are you wondering whether the Verona sandals will give an unusable look in the Verona City? The Verona Sandals are not designed to give a European look, and it’s designed to help you experience a comfortable and painless outing throughout the day.

This highly qualitative orthopedic sandal is priced at $97.95. It’ll be available in medium (regular), wide, and extra-wide fit and comes in pewter and black colours.

OrthoFeet Joelle Walking Shoes Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

The Joelle shoe is designed to provide your feet with proper support, comfort, and pain relief when going on a long walk. It looks more like a running shoe but can also be worn casually. The Joelle Walking Shoes are available in black and silver colour and feature a strap that’ll help tighten the grip while running.

The Joelle has lesser padding than the men’s category, and the brand has made the Joelle walking shoes quite modern with mesh upper region and synthetics. For $99.95, you can have an amazing walking experience and choose the size that fits well to you.

OrthoFeet’s Emma 2″ Heeled Boots Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

The Emma 2″ Heeled booties are designed to provide you with unseen comfort and come with the orthopedic padding that supports your feet unconditionally. It pretends to be a low-rise boot with more comfortable wedge heels than a slimmer heel.

The OrthoFeet technology gives your feet an ultimate relief that is to be needed the most when walking. The elastic and zipper sides of the boot allow you to quickly wear or remove them from your feet, while the buckle help enhances the aesthetic of the booties, and the shiny black leather gives a classy look to your appearance.

It also features a synthetic inner layer for extra added padding, and the comfortable wide toe box gives enough room to the front part of your feet. For $104.95, you can purchase these Emma 2″ Heeled Boots available in medium and wide widths.

OrthoFeet Chelsea Slip-On Shoes Review

OrthoFeet Reviews

The Chelsea Slip-On is another best-selling women’s dress shoe from OrthoFeet that features a padded leather strap for more comfort and offers an attractive look to your outfit.

The Chelsea Slip-On shoes are for the ladies who prefer wearing classic dresses and aren’t just love wearing heels. The Chelsea Shoes provide proper foot support to attend the night dance party, dinner with friends or wear in your office.

The innovative pain relief technology provides superior cushioning that gives ultimate comfort and has a wide toe-box for extra room for your feet. This Chelsea Slip-On Shoe is priced decently at $100 and is available in narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths.

OrthoFeet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

OrthoFeet Reviews

If you’re planning to buy the OrthoFeet Shoes, then you might have been thinking that Are OrthoFeet Shoes good? Well, this OrthoFeet Shoes review will help you answer this question. While researching the brand, we found many customers praising their orthopedic shoes and sharing the relief they experienced through these OrthoFeet Shoes.

While some customers find no benefit, when we looked at the overall situation, we found that most of the customers loved the quality of OrthoFeet Shoes on both the brand’s website and on Amazon.

We believe in considering the negative reviews and the customers who leave a negative OrthoFeet Shoes review mainly because of the fit. However, the OrthoFeet mentions a note on each shoe as to whether you should order a size up or not.

We also found some complaints about the toe-box not being wide enough as the OrthoFeet brand advertises it as wide enough. However, the brand offers a 60-day wear test to their customers, so if a customer doesn’t get satisfied within these 60 days, they can get a full refund of their order, free returns, and exchange the products.

After analyzing all these OrthoFeet reviews, we found many customers positive about the brand and trusted them.

Are OrthoFeet Shoes Worth It?

OrthoFeet Reviews

While reading this OrthoFeet Shoes review, you must be wondering, are OrthoFeet shoes worth it? The OrthoFeet brand is highly focused on serving high-quality and problem-solving products to its customers. OrthoFeet has designed its Footwear by keeping the customer’s painful problems in mind.

OrthoFeet Footwear has done a great job of relieving users from 17 different ailments. We can’t ignore the importance of orthopedic shoes, and the OrthoFeet Shoe brand fulfills the need that requires to solve the problems.

Although we agree on a few downsides they have, if you’re in a genuine lack of good orthopedic shoes, then the OrthoFeet Shoes brand is worth giving a try.

OrthoFeet Promotions & Discounts

OrthoFeet Reviews

To help you save money on Orthopedic Shoes, this OrthoFeet Shoes review tried its best to find great deals and offers. The brand is currently running a 25% off Summer Sale that’ll get applied automatically on your orders, and you won’t need to enter any OrthoFeet Coupon or Promo code.

Where to Buy OrthoFeet Shoes

OrthoFeet Reviews

You can buy the OrthoFeet Shoes from their official website, i.e., OrthoFeet.com. OrthoFeet Shoes are also available on Amazon, so you can purchase from anywhere you want. You can also buy from their number of stores that you can find through their store locator.

How to Contact OrthoFeet Shoes

If you are still left with some doubts or questions after this OrthoFeet Shoes review, then you can contact the brand yourself through the below methods:

  • Phone: 1-800-524-2845
  • Email: cs@Orthofeet.com
  • Live chat on their website (OrthoFeet.com)


OrthoFeet Reviews

What Sizes OrthoFeet Have?

The OrthoFeet brand has women’s shoes in sizes 6-11 and men’s shoes in sizes 7-14. Talking about the width, their shoes are available in medium, wide, extra-wide, or extra wide widths. OrthoFeet Shoes have fitting spacers that help tighten the fitting of the sole as per the requirement.

What is OrthoFeet’s Shipping Policy?

The brand offers free shipping, returns, and exchanges to all US customers except Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. It takes around two days for the OrthoFeet to ship your order through Standard Delivery via USPS. Although, the Delivery times may vary depending on your location.

International customers can buy the OrthoFeet Shoes through third-party sellers, like Amazon, though OrthoFeet doesn’t accept returns on the orders placed on Amazon.

What is OrthoFeet’s Return Policy?

OrthoFeet allows their customers to wear and test their Shoes & Soles for 60 days risk-free, which means you will have a total of 2 months from the date of purchase to try and test their Shoes and find whether you like them or not. If you’re not satisfied with their products, you can return them to the brand and get your total refund.

To initiate the return process:

  1. Go to their Returns and Exchanges Portal ( https://www.orthofeet.com/a/returns )
  2. Fill in your Order Number and Email or Zip Code to track your order first.
  3. Enclose a copy of the packing slip or invoice with the returned item(s).

For International Returns:

International customers should return their products with the packing slip and send it to the following address through the courier of your choice.

Orthofeet Returns
152A Veterans Dr
Northvale NJ 07647 USA

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