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Silk Maison Review

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🔎 Overview

” Silk Maison is here to help you add that elegance to your wardrobe for a more competitive price than other retailers. Plus, the brand still uses high-quality materials—100% Mulberry Silk, in fact. The brand describes this material as the “queen of fibers” due to its luxurious feel. ” – Source

” Silk is a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. Whether that’s an elegant little black dress, a luxurious pajama set, or a hair-protecting scrunchie—there’s certainly a silk garment calling your name. ” – Source

⚖️ Silk Maison Reviews from Real Customers

” Great quality cashmere. I bought two jumpers and wore them very much. Warm and soft. Great customer service too! ” – Nissa Cinderella ( Source )

” I bought a set of pyjamas and they are indeed 100% silk so I am very happy. The quality is great. ” – Netty Jenilee ( Source )

” The clothes I received are the same as the description of the goods, which I like very much ” – Lyda Winonah ( Source )

” The fabric of the pyjamas is quite soft and very skin-friendly, I like it. ” – Elfie Cassey ( Source )

” Thanks to Silk Maison, I was able to find the right coat before winter arrives. ” – Karol Dawna ( Source )

” I was really surprised at how quickly I received my order. The quality is great and the size is right. Thank you ” – Rose Liane ( Source )

” Fast shipping, purchased a slik robe for my wife, very comfortable, she likes it very much ” – Alla Bernadene ( Source )

” The silk is very silky and soft, but unfortunately for me the size is a little small. ” – Pier Martelle ( Source )

” The seller’s service is particularly attentive, especially like, there is a need to come back. ” – Neely Gussy ( Source )

” I bought something from this store once, and the quality of the product is not bad. ” – Netty Delores ( Source )

” The coats they sell are warm, comfortable and beautiful. I bought two of them and gave one of them to my mum who loved it. ” – Nomi Carly ( Source )

” Silk skirt is very design sense, light and soft, very comfortable, very recommendable ” – Liane Ailene ( Source )

” I have been shopping online for several years, and I have bought clothes in many stores. The experience of this store is still very good, including the quality of clothes, the speed of logistics and the attitude towards customers. ” – Ema Jeanine ( Source )

” Shipping was fast and the dress was of good quality, would buy again. ” – Bryn Vinnie ( Source )

” I ordered 2 dresses and wanted to return one of them. I have emailed the support email 5 times and have not heard back. I have called the number listed and left a text message because the mailbox is full. I find it so aggravating that in every review they list the email to contact but they don’t answer the email! ” – Dione Haag ( Source )

I prepaid and ordered from Greece a very nice set of pazamas. Nevertheless when the shipment arrived through DHL I was informed that I have to pay for shipment clearance formalities and taxes roughly about $100 more!!! Now I am trying to find a way and return back the shipment and get a refund for what I have paid….I suggest that it should be CLEARLY mentioned that shipment is subject to specific additional costs (that are high) before any customer would decide to proceed with an order and pay this amount of money for a luxury product as I could buy something similar fromGreece without any additional taxes and customs clearance costs ….Feel really sorry for not being able to wear those really nice pyzamas…. ” – Vasso Kaperoni ( Source )

” Potential scam… Was waiting for them to dispatch my order for weeks despite expected 5-7 days as they claim. I had to request my money back in the end because I was told to “wait patiently” every single time. ” – Šárka Myšáková ( Source )

” asn’t received your rI would strongly advise NOT doing business with this company, as this is the single worst customer experience I have ever had. ” – Source

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  1. False advertising and bait and switch by Silk Maison. What a miserable experience!
    I ordered 2 bralettes sized large. I’m a US medium with 36C bust. Their size chart measures large as having a bra band length of 34-39 inches (86-100 cm.) Based on this I placed my order as I’m well within this range. Turns out the actual band size is 27-32 inches (69-81 cm) – not even within listed measurements. And the 32 inches is at maximum stretch. Also the cup sizes are barely a B cup. In what world is that a large?
    The rub of course is that you don’t find this out until the bras arrive – after it’s too late because they’re non returnable. I wouldn’t have ordered these bras if I had known the true dimensions. Even after reaching out to them with this information they refused to accept them back even though I obviously haven’t worn them. Now I have to try to sell the bras on my own and I don’t have the enjoyment of wearing them – huge bummer.
    Silk Maison seems to be confused over US sizing. Why sell on the US market with inaccurate sizing posted on your website? Who runs a business this way? In my view Silk Maison lacks integrity. Plus their customer service is non existent. One star for the packaging only.

  2. I would rate them zero stars if I could…
    I would rate them zero stars if I could BUYER BEWARE!!! They had a ridiculously long shipping delay and when I asked the order to be canceled they said fine. Then they shipped the order anyway and are now ghosting me when I am asking for their return address. I had to take this matter to my bank. NEVER ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! They are running a complete scam.

      They took my money and walked away.
      I ordered two dresses. They gave me a fake tracking number for one and said that they won’t deliver the second one for another month.

  3. I ordered 2 coats from them in Dec 2021 for usd280, arrived Jan 2022. They’ve packed it well.

    However the 2 coats were not lined, quality very bad, jacket from h&m will have better quality, I return the coats n spent over usd100 on shipping

    Now they refuse to refund me to my new credit card because my old card has been blocked.

    If you have any brain, don’t trust them. The pictures on the site looks good but the product n customer service is awful.

    Really upset with myself and hope I can find some justice.

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