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NewSmile Review

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✅ Pros

” While NewSmile doesn’t have the absolute lowest price point for at-home clear aligners, their $1,295 price tag is still quite reasonable. This is the second-cheapest teeth alignment service available. ” ( full review )

” To make things even better, NewSmile’s affordable price tag packs a lot of value: the kit includes your impression kit, all of your aligners, whitening, and one bottle of whitening. ” ( full review )

” Since everything is done online, customers do not need to visit their family dentist. Their service is quite uncomplicated; members simply need to mail back their NewSmile teeth molding kits to receive a set of custom straighteners and retainers. ” ( full review )

” Video call available with an ‘impression specialist’ to ensure accuracy. ” ( full review )

” NewSmile aligners are made from Raintree Essix plastic, which is the clearest plastic for aligners available on the market today. ” ( full review )

” Suitable for 13 year olds and up ” ( full review )

” The treatment timeline is much shorter than in-office treatment options. ” ( full review )

” It is created in such a way that it is trimmed to match your gum and teeth outline making it comfortable and easier to blend into your mouth. ” ( full review )

” NewSmile offers financing plans that don’t require a credit check, ensuring that their alignment services are accessible to as many people as possible. ” ( full review )

❌ Cons

” NewSmile doesn’t have any retail locations where you can get an in-office teeth scan. The at-home mold kits they provide can get quite messy and many people prefer to get a professional scan instead. This is not an option with NewSmile. ” ( full review )

” NewSmile is best suited for cosmetic dental cases. They can handle some tougher cases, but if you need extensive corrections, you’d be better off visiting your orthodontist or using an in-office treatment. ” ( full review )

” Slightly higher risk for complications than braces or Invisalign. ” ( full review )

” No guarantee you’ll get the results you expect. ” ( full review )

” If something were to go wrong with your treatment, issues would likely be more easily addressed by a visit to an orthodontist in-person rather than online. ” ( full review )

” No HyperByte or similar device included. ” ( full review )

⚖️ NewSmile Reviews

” while larger providers like SmileDirectClub certainly have a higher volume of reviews, you would be hard-pressed to find a company that receives a higher quality of feedback than NewSmile. We found roughly 100 reviews of their services online, and nearly all of them were positive. Their clients rave about the affordability and convenience of NewSmile aligners, and they recommend NewSmile almost universally. ” ( full review )

” It’s tough to give a true stamp of approval to such a new business, but so far, we like what we’ve seen from NewSmile. They have the second-most affordable treatment kit on the market. And while they might not have a ton of reviews just yet, those they do have are pretty encouraging. We also like the fact that they give a hefty $200 discount to members of the military. ” ( full review )

” A total of 792 reviews were written for this company with an average score of 4.8/5 stars. Users have noted that their service works and that it was fairly straightforward to follow. ” ( full review )

” Other companies offer wide ranges of support times (more than 12 hours) on every day of the week. NewSmile is a bit lacking in this department. If you encounter an issue on the weekend, you’ll have to grin and bear it until Monday,” writes Clear Aligner Hub. ” ( full review )

” Unlike most at-home aligner brands, NewSmile aligners do not touch your gums. They are trimmed to comfortably sit along your gum line in a ‘scalloped fashion.’ Not only does this design cause less irritation, but it also makes the trays less visible. ” ( full review )

” If you pay for an impression kit but are deemed unfit for treatment, NewSmile will refund you money 100%. That greatly reduces the risk, especially for anyone worried their teeth may be too crooked for teeth aligners. ” ( full review )

” There is no live chat facility on the website, but you can email for support or call between the hours of 9.30am and 3pm PST Monday to Friday. Compared to other aligner providers these hours are quite limited, and there is no customer support at weekends. But they do include a free video call with an expert when you do your impression kit, something other aligner providers do not. ” ( full review )

” Another factor to consider when deciding on whether or not you should choose to go with NewSmile for your orthodontic treatment is how much you care about wearing an orthodontic appliance during the day. You obviously would not be able to avoid this when wearing traditional braces or choose a clear aligner option that must be worn for 22 hours. Thankfully, the nighttime only option with NewSmile gives you the chance to avoid having to wear your orthodontic appliance throughout the day. ” ( full review )

” NewSmile is a company affiliated with the American TeleDentistry Association that manufactures clear aligners that can straighten your teeth as you want. It is much more comfortable and convenient as compared to metal braces and most importantly you can do all of this without needing to fix an appointment with your dentist. Clear Retainer Essix Plus Clear Teeth Retainers (Mix and Match) | SportingSmiles offer a number of different benefits. ” ( full review )

⚖️ NewSmile Reviews from Real Customers

” I have not received any kits yet, but so far the customer service with Zac has been great. Looking forward to receiving my kit. – Jackson Bates ” ( Source )

” Newsmile is changing my life for the better! I had traditional braces as a child but did not follow my orthodontist’s instructions. Re-straightening my teeth with Newsmile has been easy and even fun! Newsmile support is top notch. The staff are quick to reply to questions and comments and are always so friendly. Newsmile has also been great about keeping updated of my progress. Despite all of these benefits, their program is also very affordable. I chose the payment plan with the auto draft option, and have never experienced a problem. I can’t say enough good things about Newsmile. – Brandy M ” ( Source )

” Less expensive way to get the smile you need. You do have to follow the instructions. Very important. I liked the convenience of taking care of myself at home. Less taxing on time. – Nancy Oliver ” ( Source )

” We tried these on my son. He had no problems. Our dentist was a fan of this product so we gave it a try. Good results. – Erik Lewis ” ( Source )

” I had my impression session with Sam. She was really friendly and explained all the steps in detail. Taking the impression can be a bit tricky, but Sam guided me through the practice runs. I recommend doing the practice 3-5 times. So far so good. I will update once I have received my aligners and treatment starts. – Jasprit K. ” ( Source – Google reviews )

” Customer service is helpful and responsive. My impression session was remarkable. I never managed to actually achieve a good impression, but Cloue’s patience during sessions never wavered. I recommend you give them a try! – Kristin Gil ” ( Source – Google reviews )

” We haven’t started off well. Booked an appointment for consult for impression taking. No one called. I’m hoping that service will improve. – Lea Boyd ” ( Source – Google reviews )

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  1. been a nightmare. dont believe the price tag. you will pay $1700 total and will not know this until after your first payment. you also pay for the first 2-3 months worth of aligners before receiving them. customer service and management is non-existent and you wont get a call back unless you threaten to call the BBB. After getting a refund, which requires a 4 days review for approval for aligners that havent even gotten made yet, i still lost out on appx $500 i owe affirm. there 1.5 star third party company. when i asked newsmile why, they said ”that is between you an affirm, we already refunded them” . youve been warned if you still go with them after doing your research thats on you.

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