Tata Steel Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2040

If you are new to this stock market, then definitely you can have difficulty in predicting the future price of a company or a share. Right? Before making any investment, it needs a lot of research and analysis to know about the future share price of a company.

We understand that you’re looking for Tata Steel Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2040, just to help you get the right share price prediction, we’re covering this article. So make sure to go through the each part of this article.

Smart investors always do their research and analysis before putting their hard earned money in a company’s share which gives them a courage to hold the shares for a long term or at least until they become profitable.

Through this article, you will get to know about Tata Steel Share Price Target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040 and 2050 along with complete analysis of the company.

Tata Steel Share Price Target

About Tata Steel Ltd.

Being world’s largest steel company, Tata Steel Ltd is a part of Tata Group contributing to the steel industry globally. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Tata Steel is running it’s operations from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand with having their presence in more than 50 countries along with having manufacturing units in 26 countries.

With more than 12.1 million tonnes of crude steel production capacity, Tata Steel is the second largest steel manufacturer in Europe with among largest steel companies in Asia and Africa. Tata Steel is serving the customers worldwide with their high quality steel products such as:

  • Automotive Steels
  • Tata Tiscon
  • Tata Pravesh
  • Tata Pipes
  • Tata Steelium
  • Tata Astrum
  • Galvano
  • Tata Ferro Alloys & Minerals Division
  • Tata Viron

and more.

Tata Steel Share Price Target & Prediction Forecast for 2023 to 2050

Now we’ll explain you about the Tata Steel Share Price Target year by year below so that you can have a clear mindset about whether to invest your money in the company or not. Also you will find a table below mentioning the share price target of Tata Steel year by year.

Stock price prediction involves reading of price chart, going through the technical analysis and a complete research on fundamental analysis. Based on the expert’s advice and some other sources, we’ll give you the information about Tata Steel share price prediction.

Also we advise you to do your own research as well and don’t rely on it completely. Proper research is always good before investing your money.

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2023₹129.11₹161.37
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2024₹223.56₹254.33
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2025₹317.64₹349.88
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2026₹412.23₹445.66
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2027₹509.51₹537.39
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2028₹597.54₹630.33
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2029₹695.21₹723.42
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2030₹790.22₹817.54
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2035₹1262.46₹1290.85
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2040₹1735.45₹1756.22
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2045₹2213.54₹2228.21
Tata Steel Share Price Target 2050₹2682.66₹2695.56

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2023

If we look at the demand and supply of the steel industry, then you may notice that the demand of steel has increased significantly after the corona pandemic due to which the steel industry has grown a lot.

Tata Steel Ltd. is best known for it’s high quality steel products which are contributing a lot to the industry demand, despite the low supply, the company is dedicated to serve the customers and gaining trust of them.

As a result, Tata Steel share price had increased tremendously and it is expected that the demand of steel will keep helping investors to book their profits and the Tata Steel share price may keep on growing. Tata Steel Share Price Target 2023 should be minimum ₹129.11 to maximum ₹161.37.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2023
2023minimum ₹129.11 to maximum ₹161.37

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2024

Tata Steel’s innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data management has not only transformed its operations but also made a significant impact on its financial performance. Since 2018, Tata Steel set out to achieve $2 billion in EBIDTA savings through data utilization, and as of now, they have already realized $1.4 billion in savings.

The company’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jayanta Banerjee, introduced AI into the steel-making process, recognizing that data, alongside traditional raw materials like iron ore and coke, is now a crucial asset. Tata Steel, with its heavily sensorized plants and vast data collection, leveraged cloud technology to manage its data efficiently, with 95% of its data estate residing in multiple cloud platforms.

This innovative approach has not only improved product quality and operational efficiency but also demonstrated significant cost savings. Tata Steel now enjoys a cost-benefit ratio of 1:10, making it a highly efficient and profitable steel producer.

Considering these impressive advancements, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2024 is estimated to be between INR 223.56 to INR 254.33, reflecting the positive impact of their data-driven transformation on the company’s overall performance and competitiveness in the steel industry.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2024
2024INR 223.56 to INR 254.33

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2025

Tata Steel’s groundbreaking development of the HIsarna steel production process, significantly more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional methods, is poised to reshape the steel industry and enhance its sustainability efforts. The company has successfully piloted this innovative technology in Europe, demonstrating a 20% reduction in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional blast furnace production.

The HIsarna process, which combines the words for iron and melting vessel, involves liquefying ore at high temperatures, followed by the injection of powdered coal, streamlining production and reducing the need for stringent raw material quality requirements. Importantly, it emits highly concentrated carbon dioxide, making it ideal for carbon capture and storage (CCS) or use (CCU) without costly gas separation stages.

When combined with CCS, HIsarna could potentially cut carbon dioxide emissions by a remarkable 80%, compared to traditional steelmaking. Tata Steel plans to upscale this technology for commercial use, with the first large-scale plant intended for India and subsequent development in the Netherlands.

Considering the transformative potential of this environmentally friendly technology and its alignment with global sustainability goals, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2025 is estimated to range from INR 317.64 to INR 349.88. This projection reflects the company’s commitment to addressing the steel industry’s carbon footprint and advancing the circular economy through recycling and resource recovery.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2025
2025INR 317.64 to INR 349.88

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2026

Tata Steel’s remarkable performance in FY23, marked by record-breaking annual crude steel production of approximately 19.9 million tons, highlights the company’s resilience and adaptability. This achievement, which reflects a 4% YoY growth, was made possible through debottlenecking efforts across its sites and the ramp-up of Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited.

Despite the challenges posed by a volatile operating environment, Tata Steel saw a 3% YoY increase in deliveries during FY23, surpassing the previous FY22 records. Domestic deliveries, in particular, exhibited strong growth, expanding by around 10% YoY. The company continued to demonstrate its agility and robust marketing network, with 4Q FY23 witnessing a 9% QoQ increase in deliveries, reaching an all-time quarterly high.

Tata Steel’s CEO and MD, TV Narendran, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustaining this momentum and fostering growth. With such strong operational performance, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2026 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 412.23 to a maximum of INR 445.66. This projection reflects the company’s ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on its strengths in the steel industry, further bolstering investor confidence.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2026
2026INR 412.23 to INR 445.66

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2027

Tata Steel’s Managing Director, TV Narendran, highlights a positive outlook for the company and the steel industry in India. Despite some fragility in rural demand, urban demand has been strong, particularly in the automotive sector, which has rebounded to pre-Covid levels. Commercial vehicles and infrastructure-related projects are contributing to this growth.

In contrast, the European operations face economic challenges with weaker demand and increasing costs. However, Narendran anticipates a potential turnaround as energy and gas costs stabilize and demand picks up, especially if China’s economy opens up further.

Regarding steel prices, Narendran expects margin expansion due to rising steel prices, even as raw material costs fluctuate. Tata Steel’s expansion plans remain focused on brownfield expansion and optimizing recently acquired assets.

While global economic uncertainties exist, Narendran is optimistic about India’s prospects, with strong domestic demand driven by government infrastructure spending. Despite concerns about rising interest rates, he believes that India’s growth and the government’s investment in infrastructure will support the steel industry.

Taking these factors into account, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2027 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 509.51 to a maximum of INR 537.39. This projection reflects the company’s resilience and the positive outlook for its operations in India, where strong domestic demand and government initiatives are expected to drive growth.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2027
2027INR 509.51 to INR 537.39

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2028

Tata Steel is embarking on an ambitious decarbonization journey at its UK plant in Port Talbot, with plans to complete the transition in the next three years, according to CEO T V Narendran. The company aims to shift from the traditional blast furnace (BF) route to a low-emission electric arc furnace (EAF) process as part of its decarbonization strategy. This transition is crucial as the existing BF route is nearing the end of its operational life.

Tata Steel owns the UK’s largest steelworks in Port Talbot, employing around 8,000 people, and this move aligns with the company’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. While the decarbonization plan involves consultations with unions and infrastructure upgrades, Narendran expressed optimism about completing the journey within the specified timeframe.

The UK government has pledged substantial financial support, with a joint investment plan of £1.25 billion in place to facilitate the decarbonization efforts. Of this, £500 million will come from the UK government, while the rest will be sourced from internal resources and borrowing.

Considering Tata Steel’s proactive approach to environmental sustainability and the substantial investments in decarbonization, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2028 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 597.54 to a maximum of INR 630.33. This projection reflects the company’s commitment to a greener future and aligns with its long-term growth and sustainability goals.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2028
2028INR 597.54 to INR 630.33

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2029

Tata Steel’s share price has reached a new 52-week high following its joint agreement with the UK government to invest £1.25 billion in decarbonizing steelmaking at the Port Talbot site. The capital cost includes a grant of up to £500 million from the UK government. While the stock initially surged, it retreated due to a lack of sustained buying activity.

This significant investment will transition the plant from blast furnace to electric arc furnace steelmaking, reducing direct emissions by 50 million tonnes over a decade and enhancing circularity by using domestic scrap steel. Tata Steel aims to create a green, sustainable business in Port Talbot.

Considering the company’s ongoing transition and growth prospects, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2029 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 695.21 to a maximum of INR 723.42. This projection reflects the varying opinions on the stock’s future performance and its strategic transformation efforts.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2029
2029INR 695.21 to INR 723.42

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2030

Considering Tata Steel’s strategic initiatives, strong investments, and ongoing efforts to transition towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly steelmaking processes, the outlook for the company appears promising. With its focus on decarbonization and expansion, Tata Steel is positioning itself for long-term growth.

As Tata Steel continues to evolve and adapt to changing market dynamics, its strategic decisions and ability to execute on its plans will play a crucial role in determining its stock performance in the coming years. Investors and stakeholders will closely monitor the company’s progress in achieving its sustainability goals and expanding its operations while keeping an eye on global economic trends that may impact the steel industry.

Analysts project Tata Steel Share Price Target 2030 to range from a minimum of INR 790.22 to a maximum of INR 817.54. This estimate takes into account the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, investments in advanced technologies, and its determination to maintain a competitive edge in the global steel industry.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2030
2030INR 790.22 to INR 817.54

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2035

Tata Steel’s recent agreement with the UK government to support its £1.2 billion investment in infrastructure at the Port Talbot plant marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to ecologically sustainable steel production. The partnership represents one of the largest investments in the UK steel industry in decades and aims to drive the development of a green technology-based industrial ecosystem in South Wales.

This strategic move is expected to revive Tata Steel’s UK business, which has faced challenges due to aging facilities. The proposed investment, coupled with a potential grant of up to £500 million from the UK government, will not only preserve employment but also significantly reduce carbon emissions, contributing to the industry’s decarbonization by eliminating 50 million tonnes of emissions over a decade.

With the transition from heavy-end assets to more sustainable processes, Tata Steel seeks to transform its UK operations into a modern, future-ready business. Additionally, the company plans to establish two Centers of Innovation & Technology in the UK, focusing on advanced materials research and sustainable design & manufacturing.

Considering these strategic initiatives and the UK steel industry’s transition toward sustainability, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2035 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 1262.46 to a maximum of INR 1290.85. This projection reflects the company’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices and its potential for long-term growth and sustainability.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2035
2035INR 1262.46 to INR 1290.85

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2040

Tata Steel Limited’s recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Germany’s SMS group is a significant step in their commitment to decarbonize the steelmaking process. The collaboration aims to explore and implement the EASyMelt technology, developed by SMS group, to reduce CO2 emissions by over 50% from the baseline operation of a blast furnace at Tata Steel’s Jamshedpur plant.

The EASyMelt technology is an innovative solution for ironmaking that utilizes blast furnace top gas recycling to produce syngas through coke oven gas reforming. This syngas is injected at various levels, including tuyere level, and can be further heated using a plasma torch system. The goal is to accelerate decarbonization within existing integrated steel plants.

Tata Steel, one of India’s largest steel producers, is actively seeking solutions for green steel production and aims to contribute to a sustainable future. The collaboration with SMS group represents a significant milestone in the global transformation of steelmaking and decarbonization efforts.

Tata Steel has set ambitious targets, including achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, and has been actively pursuing various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, such as hydrogen gas injection trials and carbon capture utilization projects. This commitment to sustainability and innovation positions Tata Steel as a leader in the global steel industry’s transition towards green and environmentally responsible practices.

Considering these efforts and commitments, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2040 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 1735.45 to a maximum of INR 1756.22. This projection reflects the company’s dedication to embracing cutting-edge technologies for a greener and more sustainable future in steel production.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2040
2040INR 1735.45 to INR 1756.22

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2045

Tata Steel Nederland’s commitment to sustainability and its collaboration with key partners, such as Wuppermann, Bilstein, EMW Stahl Service, and Arania, is driving the supply of low-carbon steel, known as Zeremis Carbon Lite. This innovative steel product boasts an impressive carbon footprint reduction of up to 90% by 2030. By incorporating this lower CO2 steel into their processes, these steel processors can provide their customers with greener end-products, including kitchens, robotic storage systems, and passenger cars.

Hans van den Berg, CEO of Tata Steel Nederland, highlighted the importance of these strategic partnerships in creating shared sustainability strategies. Tata Steel Nederland has been actively working with its partners to find ways to further reduce scope-3 emissions, and this initiative represents a significant step in that direction.

Tata Steel Nederland’s IJmuiden steelworks has a strong track record of CO2 efficiency, consistently ranking among the top 10% in the industry since 2013. The company is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 35-40% by 2030 and achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2045. This effort includes implementing measures like transitioning to green hydrogen-based steelmaking at the IJmuiden steelworks.

As Tata Steel Nederland continues to supply low-carbon steel to its partners and invest in sustainable practices, its commitment to environmental responsibility positions it as a leader in the industry. Given these sustainability efforts, Tata Steel Share Price Target 2045 is estimated to range from a minimum of INR 2213.54 to a maximum of INR 2228.21, reflecting its dedication to a greener and more sustainable future.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2045
2045INR 2213.54 to INR 2228.21

Tata Steel Share Price Target 2050

Tata Steel’s relentless commitment to sustainability, innovative technologies, and decarbonization initiatives is poised to have a profound impact on its share price target for 2050. With a minimum estimated target of INR 2682.66 to a maximum of INR 2695.56, Tata Steel share price target 2050 is positioned for significant growth over the next few decades.

The company’s ambitious goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2045 aligns perfectly with the global shift towards eco-friendly practices and green energy. Tata Steel’s strategic collaborations and investments in cutting-edge technologies, like the EASyMelt process and Zeremis Carbon Lite steel, demonstrate its dedication to reducing carbon emissions and providing sustainable solutions to its customers.

Furthermore, Tata Steel’s continuous efforts to enhance its operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact, as evidenced by its responsible steel certification and CO2-efficient IJmuiden steelworks, solidify its position as an industry leader in sustainability.

As the world places increasing importance on environmentally responsible practices and products, Tata Steel’s proactive approach to sustainability is likely to drive growth, shareholder value, and a positive trajectory for its share price. Investors can anticipate a bright future for Tata Steel, with the potential for substantial returns on investment, making it an attractive choice for long-term investors looking to align their portfolios with sustainable and environmentally conscious companies.

YEARTATA Steel Share Price Target 2050
2050INR 2682.66 to INR 2695.56

Tata Steel Latest Quarter Results: Q1 FY2023

Based on Tata Steel’s Q1FY24 results, the following key points can be highlighted:

  1. Significant Decline in Net Profit: Tata Steel reported a steep 92% year-on-year decrease in consolidated net profit for Q1FY24, amounting to ₹633.95 crore. This is in sharp contrast to the profit of ₹7,764.96 crore reported in the same period the previous year.
  2. Revenue and Profitability Impact: The company’s total revenue from operations fell by 6.21% year-on-year to ₹59,489.66 crores during Q1FY24. The decline in revenue was primarily attributed to lower volumes, which were partially offset by higher realizations across geographies. Additionally, the consolidated Profit after Tax (PAT) was ₹525 crores, indicating a significant reduction in profitability.
  3. Impact of British Steel Pension Scheme Transaction: Tata Steel’s profitability was impacted by a non-cash deferred tax charge related to a buy-in transaction at the British Steel Pension Scheme. However, the company successfully derisked Tata Steel UK following the insurance buy-in of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS).
  4. Capital Expenditure and Debt: During the quarter, Tata Steel spent ₹4,089 crores on capital expenditure. Despite the spending, the company’s net debt increased to ₹71,397 crores. However, Tata Steel’s group liquidity position remained strong at ₹30,569 crores, including ₹19,043 crores of cash and cash equivalents.

Latest News About Tata Steel Ltd.

  • Tata Steel becomes the first Indian company to utilize an LNG-powered Capesize carrier for raw material transportation.
  • The company focuses on prioritizing the expansion of Kalinganagar and reducing its debt.

Last 5 Years Financial Performance of Tata Steel Ltd.

YearMar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
Sales (In Cr INR)157,669148,972156,477243,959243,353
(In Cr INR)
Operating Profit
(In Cr INR)
OPM %19%12%19%26%13%
Other Income
(In Cr INR)
(In Cr INR)
(In Cr INR)
Profit before tax
(In Cr INR)
Tax %42%185%41%17%56%
Net Profit
(In Cr INR)
EPS in Rs9.071.386.2632.887.17
Dividend Payout %15%74%40%16%50%

Tata Steel Share Price Target by Experts

Tata Steel Share Price Target by Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal has issued a neutral recommendation for Tata Steel, accompanied by a revised target price of Rs. 120 as of July 29, 2023.

Tata Steel Share Price Target by ICICI Securities

ICICI Securities has suggested buying Tata Steel, setting a target price of Rs 119.

Tata Steel Share Price Target by JM Financial

JM Financial has advised investors to purchase Tata Steel Ltd, establishing a target price of Rs 135.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tata Steel a good buy?

Determining whether Tata Steel is a good buy depends on various factors, including your investment goals, risk tolerance, and the current market conditions.

Tata Steel, as a leading global steel manufacturer, has shown resilience and adaptability in a highly cyclical industry. It has been taking significant steps towards sustainability, decarbonization, and reducing its carbon footprint. These efforts could position Tata Steel favorably in the transition to a greener economy, which may attract environmentally conscious investors.

Furthermore, Tata Steel’s consistent focus on operational efficiency and capacity expansion has contributed to its growth. The company’s recent investments in advanced steelmaking technologies and collaborations for decarbonization demonstrate its commitment to innovation and long-term sustainability.

However, it’s crucial to consider some potential challenges. The steel industry is susceptible to global economic fluctuations, trade policies, and raw material price volatility. Market conditions can significantly impact Tata Steel’s financial performance.

Before investing, assess your risk tolerance and investment horizon. Tata Steel’s stock may be suitable for those with a medium to long-term investment horizon who can weather market fluctuations. Additionally, diversifying your portfolio across different sectors and industries can help mitigate risks associated with investing in a single company or industry. It’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor who can provide personalized guidance based on your financial goals and risk profile.

Is Tata Steel a debt free company?

At the end of September 2022, Tata Steel had ₹875.2b of debt, up from ₹781.6b a year ago.


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